F2114 GPRS Intelligent Serial Modem

    ● Robust Remote Access Solutions Made Easy

    ● Solutions for PLC SCADA Automatic

    ● Remote Reach: The embedded data module supports remote deployments with GPRS Internet connection.The multi-mode data module also lets you select the most appropriate network and service type for your needs.

    ● Custom commands: With support for standard and extended AT command sets you can quickly and easily customise the programming and configuration of the M2M Intelligent Serial Modem to meet specific requirements.
    ● Serial Power: Connected devices can send data over the 3G/4G network to any IP network enabled device using RS-232 Serial data connectivity.
    ● Small and Mountable: The compact 3G Intelligent Serial Modem includes a DIN rail, wall mount options and a removable mounting bracket for easy installation in demanding settings.
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