LoRa & Smart Irrigation Applications

Date:2016-11-22 15:07:04

This smart irrigation applications system can automatically irrigate according to the region, season, soil moisture and plant growth cycle. Improving the irrigation water utilization from 40% to 85%, and at the same time saving labor expenditure compared to the traditional irrigation method. The system integrates modern irrigation technology, modern agriculture technology, Internet of Things, cloud platforms and large raw data to establish water saving integration model suitable for different types of irrigation areas. It is suitable for both medium and large sized irrigation areas such as golf courses, orchards and farmlands.

LoRa has the advantages of large network capacity, flexible networking, strong scalability, long distance of communication(up to 8 km), low power consumption and low cost. It has unparalleled advantages in 
smart irrigation applications.

The collected data is transmitted to intelligent cloud platform by the wireless network which is composed of Four-Faith
wireless LORA module and LORA smart gateway. To realize the acquisition and analysis of data,remote control of solenoid valve and pump, combined with the support of expert decision-making system to achieve automatic or manual irrigation.

Smart Irrigation Applications

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