Reservoir Video Surveillance Dual-Link Backup Networking Solution

four-faith F-R200 industrial cellular wireless router reservoir video surveillance

four-faith F-R200 industrial cellular wireless router,reservoir video surveillance

Router Self-Service Vending Machine Networking Solution

four-faith industrial router self-service vending machine network solution

Utilization of Xiamen Four-Faith's F3X26Q industrial router. 4G router sends vending information, fault alerts to the server. Receives commands from the monitoring center to control vending operations, e.g., restocking, price adjustment, and halting sales.

Driving Test Network Solution

Driving Test Network Solution

Background Nowadays, private car ownership has become increasingly widespread among households. With the growth in the number of automobiles, the demand for driver's licenses has also been steadily increasing. Faced w...

5G+ Smart Factory Data Collection and Monitoring Solution

5G Smart Factory

With the improvement of economic level and the continuous rise of labor costs, labor-intensive enterprises face tremendous pressure to reduce costs and increase efficiency, making digital transformation a focal point for...

Factory Video Monitoring Application

Factory Video Monitoring Application

Background With the development of modern industry, the ability of equipment to operate safely and reliably in optimal conditions holds significant importance in ensuring product quality, enhancing production capacity, and ensuring workplace safety. Effectively improving the reliability of equipment operation and promptly detecting and predicting faults is crucial. 

Four-Faith 5G Industrial Routers Empower 5G Full-Connected Factory Construction

5G Full-Connected Factory 5G Industrial Routers

Background 5G, as the forefront of "new infrastructure," bears the responsibility of driving the transformation and upgrading of the national economy, promoting the deep integration of the real economy and the digital economy, and meeting the high-quality communication service needs of various industries.