Four-Faith's 5G Full-Connect Factory One-Stop Solution Goes Live, Shaping the Sustainable Future of Industrial Development

5G Fully Connected Factory 5G product solutions 5G data transmission terminals

Four-Faith AI Intelligent Video Box + Sensor Cloud Platform, Pioneering a New Model of Intelligent Supervision For Food Safety

AI Intelligent Video Box Sensor Cloud Platform Intelligent Supervision

Four-Faith F-M100 Cat-1 DTU and Sensor Cloud: Revolutionizing Gas Pipeline Monitoring

Cat-1 DTU Sensor Cloud Gas Pipeline Monitoring

Four-Faith 5G RedCap Application Solution, Accelerating Towards the Vast Ocean of 5G Smart Factories

5G RedCap 5G Smart Factories 5G Application Solution

Reservoir Video Surveillance Dual-Link Backup Networking Solution

four-faith F-R200 industrial cellular wireless router reservoir video surveillance

four-faith F-R200 industrial cellular wireless router,reservoir video surveillance

Router Self-Service Vending Machine Networking Solution

four-faith industrial router self-service vending machine network solution

Utilization of Xiamen Four-Faith's F3X26Q industrial router. 4G router sends vending information, fault alerts to the server. Receives commands from the monitoring center to control vending operations, e.g., restocking, price adjustment, and halting sales.