Explore 5G Smart Factory, Four Faith 5G Industrial Router Enabling AGV Car Application

5G Smart Factory

Solution Background: With the rapid development of intelligent manufacturing and 5G smart factory applications, more and more machinery and equipment are transformed by digitalization, informatization, and networking. The tr...

Four Faith Supports Deployment of New Water Meter Monitoring Service in India Using the LoRaWAN® Standard

LoRaWAN Water Meter Monitoring

FourFaith supports deployment of new LoRaWAN®-based water meter monitoring service in India. FourFaith LoRaWAN product line has a comprehensive hardware solution. FourFaith provides the industrial-grade LoRaWAN module for smart meter manufacturers to embed into its smart meter products. 

Epidemic Situation | Four-Faith Infrared Thermal Imaging Human Temperature Measurement System Goes Live!
A smoke-free war broke out on the eve of the Spring Festival in 2020. The sudden corona virus affects the heartstrings of Chinese. As of 15:27 on February 10, the cumulative number of confirmed cases of pneumonia pa...

Internet of Things in Unmanned Retail Application

Application of line loss module in smart grid distribution
Four-faith distribution line loss module,as a new type of 10 kv power distribution of high pressure metering device,it integrates metering &communication function, mainly installed in 10 kv distribution line segment points,...

Four-Faith DTU based on weather station wireless monitoring system application
The meteorological station is a multi-element automatic monitoring node specially developed for agriculture, hydrology, meteorology, ecological investigation and research, etc. It can measure conventional meteorological elements such as rainfall, wind direction, wind speed, temperature, atmospheric pressure and humidity.