Router Self-Service Vending Machine Networking Solution

four-faith industrial router self-service vending machine network solution

Utilization of Xiamen Four-Faith's F3X26Q industrial router. 4G router sends vending information, fault alerts to the server. Receives commands from the monitoring center to control vending operations, e.g., restocking, price adjustment, and halting sales.

Based on the Internet of Things, the Smart Precision Feeding System for Intelligent Farming
By connecting multiple feeders to the Four-Faith Intelligent Gateway through its 485 interface, the gateway can establish a connection with the platform via wired/4G/5G network.

Four-Faith NB-IoT-based Intelligent Garbage Bin Networking Solution

Intelligent Garbage Bin

The remote supervision solution for intelligent garbage bins in smart cities fully utilizes the new generation of high-tech technologies such as wireless IoT, cloud computing, and mobile internet to provide society with a fast, accurate, and convenient detection system.

Smart Tourism IPC Smart Scenic Spot Video Surveillance Solution

High-definition IP Cameras Smart City Tourism

Smart City Tourism IPC Smart Scenic Spot Video monitoring system using Four-Faith full network security monitoring product HD architectural design, the scenic spot of the light pole, entrance, gate to install Four-Faith high-definition IP cameras. 

Provide "Eyes" for the Machine, Four-Faith Image Recognition Technology Decoding Visual Data Potential

Image Recognition Technology

In the context of the continuous development of information technology, image recognition technology develops rapidly, especially as an important subdivision of the artificial intelligence industry, has been widely used i...

Self-Service Beverage Machine Solution Based on Four-Faith Industrial Control All-in-One Screen

All-in-One Screen Industrial Control Beverage Machine 4G wireless network

Four-Faith industrial control all-in-one screen F4934-A-17.3IE, equipped with beverage machine supporting APP, output HD advertising video, using the highly sensitive touch screen to provide the friendly man-machine interfa...