Smart Tourism IPC Smart Scenic Spot Video Surveillance Solution

High-definition IP Cameras Smart City Tourism

Smart City Tourism IPC Smart Scenic Spot Video monitoring system using Four-Faith full network security monitoring product HD architectural design, the scenic spot of the light pole, entrance, gate to install Four-Faith high-definition IP cameras. 

Provide "Eyes" for the Machine, Four-Faith Image Recognition Technology Decoding Visual Data Potential

Image Recognition Technology

In the context of the continuous development of information technology, image recognition technology develops rapidly, especially as an important subdivision of the artificial intelligence industry, has been widely used i...

Self-Service Beverage Machine Solution Based on Four-Faith Industrial Control All-in-One Screen

All-in-One Screen Industrial Control Beverage Machine 4G wireless network

Four-Faith industrial control all-in-one screen F4934-A-17.3IE, equipped with beverage machine supporting APP, output HD advertising video, using the highly sensitive touch screen to provide the friendly man-machine interfa...

Four-Faith Intelligent Breeding Farm Monitoring Solution

Intelligent Breeding Farm IP camera NVR

In the national economic system, breeding industry is one of the main components of agriculture. With the development of society, the traditional model of breeding industry is gradually replaced by the modern intellige...

Elevator Safety Wireless Monitoring Solution Based on Four-Faith DTU

Elevator Safety DTU

Four-Faith elevator wireless monitoring system is mainly composed of elevator control equipment, sensors installed on the top of the elevator car, including flat layer, direction sensor, door switch sensor, infrared huma...

Four-Faith Intelligent Monitoring Solution of Greenhouse

intelligent greenhouse

Four-Faith intelligent monitoring solution of greenhouse can simulate the basic ecological environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, light, CO2 concentration, etc. To adapt to the needs of different biological ...