Intelligent Gateway FourFaith provides IoT products and M2M devices about Industrial Cellular Modems, Industrial 4G Routers platform.
  • Intelligent Gateway FG100

    ●  Support multiple WAN connections, including static IP,DHCP,PPPOE,3G/UMTS/4G/LTE,dhcp-4G
    ●  Support 3G/4G and wired WAN dual link intelligent switching backup function (optional)

    ●  WIFI support 802.11b/g/n/ac, support WIFI AP, Client, repeater, relay bridge and other working modes (optional)

    ●  Support multi-channel DHCP server and DHCP client, DHCP bundled MAC address, DDNS,firewall, NAT, DMZ host, QoS, traffic statistics, real-time display data transmission rate
    ●  Connect to the four letter cloud service, access the cloud platform through the web, and realize remote management
    ●  Maintenance channel: After the maintenance personnel run the client on the portable PC, they can directly maintain the field device remotely
    ●  Local storage support flash memory, TF card (select one for TF card and USB application)