Wireless Monitoring and collecting solution for Pipeline in Thermal Power Plant

Wireless Monitoring and collecting solution for Pipeline in Thermal Power Plant

The power plants in China are mainly composed of thermal power plants, wind power plants, hydropower plants and optoelectronic power plants, while thermal power plants are the most primitive and occupy the highest proportion. So it is very important to strengthen the safe production of thermal power plant.

Remote monitoring program of UPS power
UPS monitoring is to continuously collect the data from the uninterrupted power in the machine room,to conduct the unit monitoring & management to the PC in the central machine room via remote transferring, it is conv...

This is Smart Express Cabinet!

4G wireless route

The independent desktop server mainly communicates with many express cabinet systems, monitors the online status of the express terminals, and sends instructions and information to the terminal, and processes requests and reports from terminals.

The strongest brain of intelligent express ark

intelligent express ark industrial computer

Four-Faith industrial computer has a lot of peripheral interface and strong ability of calculation, to completely solve the "last one hundred meters" problem at the end of the logistics, brought new opportunity for terminal wireless networking and remote management.

Digital Signage Application

Digital Signage

Through Four-Faith industrial wireless Router network, the digital signage are centralized and managed. 

Four-Faith small Industrial router used in power charging self-service machine system

power charging self-service machine system small Industrial router

Four-Faith cooperate with customer on the charging self-service machine wireless network solution, adoption of Four-Faith small Industrial router F3X27, F3X26 series, stabilizing the real-time  communication, facilitating the clients to realize the distributed management of terminal   through the background