Reservoir Video Surveillance Dual-Link Backup Networking Solution

four-faith F-R200 industrial cellular wireless router reservoir video surveillance

four-faith F-R200 industrial cellular wireless router,reservoir video surveillance

The Four-Faith Hydrological Intelligent Monitoring System Assists in Upgrading Hydrological Stations

Hydrological Stations

Establish various hydrological observation sites in rivers, lakes and watersheds, deploy automated monitoring stations for hydrological elements, and rely on modern high-tech such as the Internet of Things, wireless communication, remote sensing, and telemetry.

Four-Faith Sensor Cloud | Office Environment Monitoring and Intelligent Control Software & Hardware All-in-one Solution

Office Environment

Four-Faith is customer-oriented, relying on advanced technologies such as IoT, intelligent control, AI, etc., to transform the traditional office environment into an information-based and intelligent one, and create a solution for office environment monitoring and intelligent control system for office scenarios.

Centralized Monitoring & Unified Management! Four-Faith Launch Data Center Environmental Monitoring Solution
To solve the difficulties of environmental monitoring in the current data center room, Four-Faith combines new sensors, wireless communication, a computer network, automatic control, and other technologies to build the environment monitoring system of the data center room.

Four-Faith City Pollution Sources Monitoring Solution

City Pollution City Pollution Sources

Four-Faith City Pollution Sources Monitoring Solution apply for the real-time monitoring of urban air pollution sources, through the remote data monitoring system, can be real-time effective monitoring and management of ...

Four-Faith DTU Wireless Monitoring Solution of Meteorological Station

Meteorological Station DTU data transmission terminal DTU Wireless

Based on the Four-Faith DTU data transmission terminal, the measurement data of customer demand collected by the weather stations distributed in various places will be transmitted to the central monitoring and analysis...