Driving Test Network Solution

Driving Test Network Solution

Background Nowadays, private car ownership has become increasingly widespread among households. With the growth in the number of automobiles, the demand for driver's licenses has also been steadily increasing. Faced w...

Four-Faith Intelligent Charging Pile Management System, Rapid Deployment of Public Charging Market

Internet of things Charging Pile Management System Public Charging Market

As the market prospect of new energy vehicles continues to improve, the public charging market has great potential. Although the charging infrastructure is increasingly complete, compared with the current number of new...

Four-Faith Smart Parking Solution, Alleviating Urban Parking Problem

Smart Parking Solution Urban Parking

Four-Faith cooperates with the third party's parking system to create an integrated intelligent parking management system from the front end to the cloud, which can break the information island of a single parking...

Intelligent Logistics Solution Based on Four-Faith GPRS DTU Series

GPRS DTU Intelligent Logistics

Through Four-Faith GPRS DTU series, monitoring system and router application of Four-Faith intelligent logistics solutions to achieve from the warehouse, logistics transportation to the delivery cabinet logistics real-time...

Internet of Things in Transportation Application

Industrial Cellular modem monitoring devices

Business leaders look for real-time fleet information so that they can reap business benefits to making intelligent decisions real-time. The Fleet Management technology is gradually getting adopted with the improvements ...

The GPS router solution of money car

money car GPS router

Four-Faith’s GPS router uses industrial-grade GPS positioning module and high-performance communication processor.It has been widely used in car networking in various industries, like the police driving school in Qingdao.