Four-Faith owns multiple LoRa product lines including the LoRa terminal, LoRa gateway, and LoRa module. Using the LoRa, LoRaWAN technology, use license-free sub-gigahertz radio frequency bands to enable long-range transmissions with low power consumption. Four-Faith LoRa can support Modbus and other common industrial protocols to provide transparent transmission.
  • LoRa Module

    ● Low power consumption
    ● High receive sensitivity
    ● LoRaWAN Module F8L10A support software upgrade by serial port
    ● High-performance industrial-grade CPU and wireless module
  • LoRaWAN Gateway

    ●  High-performance industrial-grade wireless module
    ●  Adopt high-performance industrial multi channel LoRaWAN base station / gateway RF chip
    LoRa gateway provide standard Ethernet and WIFI interface, can be directly connected to Ethernet devices and WIFI devices
    ●  LoRawan base station support LoRaWAN protocol wireless data transmission
    ●  WIFI support WEP, WPA, WPA2 and other encryption style, MAC address filtering and other functions
    ●  Complete anti-drop mechanism to ensure data terminal always online
  • LoRa Gateway

    ●  With 2.5G/3G/4G +LoRa dual wireless link
    ●  LoRa gateway field tested communication distance >11.5 KM, industry leading level
    ●  Suitable for various finds of non-human on-site industrial applications. Offering 24/7 stability
    ●  Powerful network switching capability
    ●  Integrated modbus standard communication protocol 
    Multi-data center synchronous transmission
    ●  Ultra-high receiver sensitivity, reaching a staggering -140 dBm
    ●  Provides additional security measures. Data transmission up to financial-level standards
    ●  Rich interface. Easy to use
    ●  Remote equipment configuration, over-the-air updates and maintenance
  • LoRa Terminal

    ●  LoRa terminal support max transmission distance of 8 KM
    ●  Rich port interface and easy to use
    ●  Excellent anti-interference features
    ●  LoRa terminal supports over-the-air updates
    ●  -148dBm ultra-high receiver sensitivity

  • Smoke Detector

    ● Low-cost: NB-IoT/ LoRa mode, use the IOT AD hoc network and operator network
    ● Easy-installation: Wireless communication, built-in battery, no wiring required
     Easy maintenance: The smoke detector has low power consumption, and can keep working more than 2 years
    ● Security: The national fire mandatory product certification, with standard, safe and reliable
    ● Convenience: The internet operation and management mode