Application of Industrial RTU in the Gas Industry

RTU Application of Industrial RTU Remote Terminal Unit

As we all know, for the entire gas transmission link process, the environment is very harsh and rigorous, and most of the collection stations are unmanned sites, because of this, the RTU equipment used is expected to be durable and tested for use in such environments.

Solution for monitoring system of gas pipeline network

Gas pipeline network monitoring system Solution for gas pipeline monitoring

Using a remote data acquisition device (DTU) + monitoring by wireless network, has more advantages apparently in cost savings and improving safety of the network.

Four-Faith F3834 4G Industrial LTE Router for oil field application

oil field application 4G Industrial LTE Router LTE Router for oil

The F3834 4G Industrial LTE Router is used for remote control of the truck loading process. In the future it will be used also for video surveillance of the station.
Coalbed Methane Monitoring System Based on Four-Faith Wireless GPRS Modem

Coalbed Methane Monitoring System Coalbed Methane application Wireless GPRS Modem

Coalbed Methane is one kind of high heat, non pollution new energy.It can be used for power generation, chemistry material and residents living fuel.Energy is the indispensable power for economic development.
F2114 Low Consumption IP MODEM application for oil monitoring

application for oil monitoring oil monitoring application oil monitoring solutions

It can adopts Four-Faith wireless Communication terminal F2114 Low Consumption IP Modem for network data transmission.
Four-Faith F8914 ZigBee Terminal for Gas Monitoring Application

Gas Monitoring Application ZigBee cellular terminal Gas Monitoring solutions Gas Monitoring case gas monitoring system

F8914 ZigBee terminal has RS232/RS485 interface, two digital inputs/outputs and three analog inputs.The gas sensor(4-20mA) is connected to the analog input of F8914