Total solution for wireless meter reading system ------LoRa wireless solution

LoRa Total solution  meter reading system LoRa wireless solution

Wireless transmission of these programmes is essential, to use LoRa and GPRS easily?

Four-Faith 3G industrial RTU Application for water-saving irrigation system

industrial RTU Application water-saving irrigation system 3G industrial RTU

Four-Faith Industrial Wireless RTU F2164 can provide real-time stable data transmission channel for water-saving irrigation system.
Water Level Data Acquisition and Transmission Based on LTE Networks

Reservoir monitoring project Water Level monitoring 4G LTE Wireless router

When the flood comes, the water level of real-time data has become particularly important, but there are people in the field can not always measure the water level information. Combined with the development and application of today's LTE network, transmit data via the Internet allowing professionals to first -time analysis the flood to start flood control plan.

Reservoir Remote Monitoring Application

Wireless Monitoring Project Reservoir Monitoring Project Remote Monitoring Application Reservoir Remote Monitoring Application Reservoir Remote Monitoring Solutions

The reservoir remote monitoring system aims at monitoring the water level and sluice. F3X34 is used in the system as the data transmission, it connects with the camera with RJ45,and transfers the data to the center

River Monitoring Application

River Monitoring Application River Monitoring system wireless terminal wireless communication terminal River Monitoring Project

River Monitoring system is applied in the medium and small rivers water courses, reservoirs, pumping stations, sluices, dams, pitch, row area, irrigation and other water conservancy key department.
Hydrology Monitoring Application

Hydrology Monitoring Application Hydrology Application Hydrology Monitoring Project low consumption modem

Hydrological and flood control monitoring system is consisted of river basin administrative center and sub-center (various cities) monitoring station, the hydrological telemetry units as a three-level monitoring network.