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Wireless Monitoring and Collecting Solution for Pipeline in Thermal Power Plant

The power plants in China are mainly composed of thermal power plants, wind power plants, hydropower plants and optoelectronic power plants, while thermal power plants are the most primitive and occupy the highest proportion. So it is very important to strengthen the safe production of thermal power plant.

Remote Monitoring Program of UPS Power

However, adopting the remote monitoring program solution could conveniently conduct clustering management to the scattering UPS and to offer early warning etc.


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New Release | Four-Faith LTE Cat.1 Wireless Data Transfer Unit Goes Online, Promoting Typical Applications of Low to Medium Speed Cellular Networks

In the rapid development of low-to-medium-speed IoT services, LTE Cat.1 occupies a dominant position due to its higher integration and simpler hardware architecture. Currently, various applications of LTE Cat.1 have been deeply integrated into various links of economic and social development, especially in the fields of mobile payment, sharing economy, location services, two-wheel vehicle monitoring, wearable devices, health, carbon neutrality, and other fields, with strong vitality.

Invitation Letter of African Utility Week

The largest and most professional electric power energy event in Africa, the 2023 African Utility Week will be held in Cape Town! The exhibition will cover the entire electric power industry chain and will bring together more than 380 exhibitors from around the world.

Four-Faith 5G Industrial Router Fully Supports the 5G Private Network Quality Probe of China Mobile Research Institute

Facing the era of Industry 4.0, the application of 5G industry is also expanding, with the rise of many 5G private networks, and the effect of "one industry bringing all industries" is remarkable.

As of September 2022, the number of virtual private networks in China's 5G industry has exceeded 10,000, and 5G has been widely used in more than 200 smart mines, more than 1,700 smart factories and more than 250 smart grid projects across the country. 

The 5G FWA Market has Leaped Forward, Many 5G Terminals of Four-Faith Enable Provide for The Typical FWA Applications

As the construction of global 5G infrastructure continues to improve, huge changes will be brought about in thousands of industries. Application scenarios such as industrial Internet, telemedicine, Internet of vehicles, and consumer hardware will all achieve leapfrog upgrade with 5G.

At the same time, 5G FWA has entered a period of rapid development as a "killer application" to bridge the challenge of digital divide in underdeveloped areas of optical fiber, helping to open up the critical network of the "last kilometer" of households and enterprises.