Four-Faith ZigBee Terminal Used in Solar Power System

Four-Faith ZigBee Terminal Solar Power System

To ensure that the solar energy system can be remotely monitored, managed and controlled over the Zigbee network, We recommend to use Four-Faith's F8914  to construct the entire system. 

Gas Monitoring Solution based on F8914 ZigBee wireless data transmission

Gas Monitoring System wireless data transmission Gas Monitoring Solution

This Austria customer use 200pcs Four-Faith F8914 ZigBee wireless data transmission and work together with Four-Faith to finish this system.
ZigBee successfully applied in regional electricity meter reading system

electricity meter reading system data transmission terminals smart meter reading system

Fou-Faith client from Spanish to buy a lot of F8914, F8114 ZigBee data transmission terminals, develop smart meter reading system based on ZigBee technology .
Four-Faith F8914 ZigBee for LED Display Control System

LED display control system ZigBee for LED ZigBee for LED application

All LED boards are with RS485 port, and the distance between two LED boards is about 100meters. All LED boards are connect to F8914 terminals (general node) via RS485.
Four-Faith ZigBee Module for Intelligent infusion control system

Intelligent infusion control system ZigBee Module ZigBee Terminal

The wireless ZigBee sensor network and automatic control are combined, can effectively achieve the design of hospital monitoring system for transfusion