Application of line loss module in smart grid distribution

Date:2019-11-18 18:04:00

Solution Background:
With the development of Smart Grid, state grid corporation of China proposes the primary and secondary integration of 10kV distribution lines and the deepening of line loss management, so as to realize the "four-minute" simultaneous management of 10kV distribution line loss and line loss of partial voltage, division, line partition and substation partition, improving the lean management level.
Program Requirements:
As the main source of automatic data of distribution network, there are many brands and models of FTU/DTU.
Different FTU/DTU power collection and measurement accuracy are different, and the table of uploaded points is different.
The main station cannot calculate the line loss according to the data of different accuracy.
Solution Introduction:


Four-faith distribution line loss module,as a new type of 10 kv power distribution of high pressure metering device,it integrates metering &communication function, mainly installed in 10 kv distribution line segment points, branch point, and the FTU, DTU equipment, meeting the demand of 10 kv distribution of energy measurement and real-time monitoring, 10 kv distribution line of fine line loss management system is an important part of conforms to the  grid utility’s standards.
F-PIC100 one branch Line loss solution
F-PIC100 one branch line loss module

F-PIC800 8 branches line loss solution
F-PIC800 8 branches line loss product

Solution highlights:
High-precision electrical energy measurement
Total electricity measurement
Data storage and freezing
Event record and reset
Support RS485/RS232 communication
Support pulse output
Our customers(Domestic):
State grid fujian electric power company, state grid qinghai electric power company, state grid shandong electric power company, state grid jiangsu electric power company, state grid shandong electric power company, state grid jiangxi electric power company, state grid xinjiang electric power company, etc.

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