Four-Faith AI Intelligent Video Box + Sensor Cloud Platform, Pioneering a New Model of Intelligent Supervision For Food Safety

AI Intelligent Video Box Sensor Cloud Platform Intelligent Supervision

5G+ Smart Factory Data Collection and Monitoring Solution

5G Smart Factory

With the improvement of economic level and the continuous rise of labor costs, labor-intensive enterprises face tremendous pressure to reduce costs and increase efficiency, making digital transformation a focal point for...

Factory Video Monitoring Application

Factory Video Monitoring Application

Background With the development of modern industry, the ability of equipment to operate safely and reliably in optimal conditions holds significant importance in ensuring product quality, enhancing production capacity, and ensuring workplace safety. Effectively improving the reliability of equipment operation and promptly detecting and predicting faults is crucial. 

Based on Four-Faith 5G Industrial Router F-NR130, CNC Machine Remote Operation & Maintenance Solution
The remote monitoring solution for CNC machine tools in this solution consists of three main parts: front-end equipment, communication equipment and back-end center.

Four-Faith Air Compressor Remote Monitoring System

Air Compressor Intelligent Gateway

Four-Faith combined with Internet technology to achieve online remote monitoring of air compressor, so that air compressor manufacturers, maintenance units and users interact on the same platform, fully guarantee the saf...

Four-Faith CNC Machine Remote Monitoring Solution

CNC Machine Manufacturers Industrial Router

Background   CNC machine is a set of machinery manufacturing, computer, hydraulic, sensing, information processing, optical, and mechanical technology in one of the electromechanical integration products. With CNC machine are widely used in industrial production, CNC machine and CNC technology has become the core of the manufacturing industry.