What is a wireless router?

wireless router

Let us explain the process of how WiFi really works: A chord, usually a fiber cable or analog line. This connects an internet source, like a broadband mode. The wireless router is the medium that receives the in...
5G Network Meets with Robotics

5g network 5G technology

5G is the fifth generation of mobile networks, following on from previous generations 2G, 3G, and 4G. 5G network offers low latency, high-speed transmission rate, massive connection features, using the 5G technology ca...
Why Do You Need an Industrial Cellular Modem or Gateway for Your IoT Project?

Industrial Cellular Modem Industrial Cellular Gateway

Today, people use smart phone to make voice and video call, send email to communicate with their family, colleagues, friends and customers, as well as read daily news, edit documents, etc. Just like human beings, i...
Ensuring the Free Flow of Information: Routing Approaches for Complex Industrial Networks

Complex Industrial Networks

Initiatives like smart manufacturing require the free flow of information across a network architecture—from the point where data is first collected, to where that data is analyzed and contextualized into information, ...
What are Industrial Network Gateways?

Industrial Network Gateways

An industrial Network gateway is used to interface between networks that support different protocols. In both the IT and OT worlds, gateways make communication possible between the many different resident architectures and protocols. They repackage and convert data going from one network to another so that information can be understood.
Reasons to Buy a Cellular Router with Built-in VPN

Cellular Router with Built-in VPN

VPN is a service that can virtually change the location of your device in seconds. VPNs have become increasingly more popular in recent days, and it's no wonder that manufacturers have decided to embed this service directly into their routers.