LoRa-based Asset Management Application in Wineries

LoRa-based Asset

The winery asset positioning management system consists of five components: F-LT300 LoRa vibration sensor, LoRa gateway F8926GW, sound and light alarm, Four-Faith backend device management server, and user storage management business platform, as shown in the diagram.

Four-Faith Central Air Conditioning Energy Saving System Solution
Central air conditioning is widely used in large buildings: airports, subway stations, transportation hubs, CBD, shopping malls/supermarkets/department stores, libraries, office buildings, hospitals, etc. Central air conditio...

Four-Faith LORA-Based Water Supply Monitoring Solution
In this solution, the front-end sensors access the equipment through RS485, and then actively report the collected data through the LORA terminal equipment. The data is summarized to the LORA gateway (or directly transmitted to the server through the DTU equipment).

Four-Faith Intelligent Public Toilet Comprehensive Management Platform, to Achieve Refined Management of Public Toilets

Intelligent Public Toilet

The Four-Faith intelligent public toilet Integrated management platform is an environmental solution designed specifically to address the challenges of environmental monitoring and management in public toilets, such as "dirty, messy, and poor" conditions, large data management workload, and slow response times.

Intelligent Manhole Cover Monitoring Solution Based on LoRaWAN
With the accelerated process of urbanization, the construction of municipal public facilities is developing rapidly. Municipal, power, communication and other departments have many municipal equipment and assets that need...

Four Faith Supports Deployment of New Water Meter Monitoring Service in India Using the LoRaWAN® Standard

LoRaWAN Water Meter Monitoring LoRaWAN standard

FourFaith supports deployment of new LoRaWAN®-based water meter monitoring service in India. FourFaith LoRaWAN product line has a comprehensive hardware solution. FourFaith provides the industrial-grade LoRaWAN module for smart meter manufacturers to embed into its smart meter products.