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Knowledge About the 4G Mobile Signal Booster

Nowadays, 4G mobile phones are becoming more and more popular, and 4G mobile signal boosters are also getting more and more attention. The key role of the mobile phone is to make calls, but the most important thing when making a call is the signal of the mobile phone. Many places, such as public places and homes, have WiFi wireless networks, but the signal may not be good. At this time, you need the help of a 4G mobile signal booster.

With the rapid development of mobile communication networks, the coverage of the network continues to expand. Wireless communication relies on the propagation of electromagnetic waves to establish a communication link. With the continuous development of various buildings and traffic roads, it is hindered by construction. In some large buildings, basements, shopping malls, restaurants, home improvement, entertainment places and many other places, there are some weak phenomena in wireless communication, which cannot meet the needs of customers.
4G Mobile Signal Booster

1. The use area of 4g mobile signal booster:
1.1 Blind area: The signal is lost and the sensitivity of the mobile phone is lower than that of the mobile phone, resulting in poor mobile phone communication;
1.2 Weak link: The main reason is that the signal loss is lower than the receiving sensitivity of the mobile phone, resulting in poor call quality on the mobile phone;
1.3 Conflict area: The wireless signals in the high-rise building area mainly come from multiple cells, most of which are unstable reflection signals on the ground and walls, resulting in frequent switching (ie ping-pong effect), which seriously affects the normal communication of mobile phones;
1.4 Busy areas: mainly in areas with large traffic, the base station capacity is difficult to meet the communication needs, and users cannot access the mobile network for normal communication.
Mobile signal amplifiers (micro-repeaters, also known as mobile signal boosters) are specially designed to solve the above-mentioned weak links of mobile signals. The device has the characteristics of small size and flexible installation, which can deeply cover indoor signals. Practice has proved that it can provide stable and reliable signals for indoor mobile communication users, enabling users to enjoy high-quality personal communication services indoors.
2. The principle of 4g mobile signal booster is mainly divided into downlink and uplink
In fact, the principle of 4G mobile signal booster is very simple. It mainly consists of three parts, antenna, Linchuang mobile phone amplifier, and indoor antenna. These three parts form a wireless system to enhance cellular reception. Cellular reception boosters are typically repeater systems that include amplifiers that add gain or power to reception in all directions. Transmit from an external antenna, receive enhanced power and sensitivity, and then transmit the signal to the cell tower.
2.1 Downlink: The useful signal that can be called by the outdoor Yagi antenna is input to the host, and after being amplified by the host, it is sent to the indoor ceiling antenna for transmission. In this way, a stable and reliable signal can be received by the user's mobile phone indoors at any time, which is downlink.
2.2 Uplink: The signal transmitted by the indoor user's mobile phone is absorbed by the ceiling antenna, input to the host, and then amplified by the host, and then sent to the outdoor Yagi antenna for transmission to the base station, which is the uplink.
3. How to install 4g mobile signal booster?
3.1 Selection: According to different areas and building structures, choose different types of 4G mobile signal boosters.
3.2 Antenna distribution: The directional octave antenna is used outdoors, and the direction of the antenna can be directed to the company's transmitting base station as much as possible to achieve the best receiving effect. The omnidirectional antenna can be used indoors, and the installation height is 2-3m (the installation quantity and position of the antenna are related to the indoor area and indoor structure). Only one antenna needs to be installed in the unstoppable range of 300 square meters and below, two antennas are required in the range of 300-500 square meters, and three antennas are required in the range of 500-800 square meters.
3.3 Installation of 4g mobile signal booster: generally installed above 2m from the ground. The installation position of the 4G mobile signal booster and the distance between the indoor and outdoor antennas should adopt the shortest path to achieve the best effect.
3.4 Wire usage: The standard of mobile signal booster is 75Ω, but the standard of mobile signal amplifier is 50Ω in the communication industry. If the impedance is not correct, the system index will deteriorate. The thickness of the steel wire depends on the actual situation on site. The longer the wire, the thicker the wire to reduce signal attenuation.
3.5 Before the 4g mobile signal booster device is powered on, all indoor and outdoor antennas should be connected to avoid damage to the device. Indoor and outdoor antennas should be installed on different planes as much as possible.
4. Precautions for installation of 4g mobile signal booster
4.1 Choosing a model
4G mobile signal boosters are mainly selected according to the signal coverage area and building structure. If the signal is too weak, coverage is incomplete, but if the signal is too strong, there is interference with the outdoor signal.
4.2 Arranging the Antenna
The directional Yagi antenna is used outdoors, and the direction of the antenna should be aligned with the mobile company's transmitting base station as much as possible to achieve the best reception effect. The height of the indoor omnidirectional antenna is 2-3 meters. For indoor area less than 300 square meters and unobstructed range, only one antenna needs to be installed. For an indoor area of 300-500 square meters, two antennas need to be installed, and an indoor area of 500-800 square meters needs to install three antennas. When installing an indoor antenna, be careful that the outdoor antenna cannot receive the transmitted signal, otherwise it will cause self-excitation.
4.3 Install 4g mobile signal booster
It is recommended that the mobile phone signal amplifier be installed at a distance of about 2m from the ground. The shortest line should be the best distance between the cell phone signal amplifier and the indoor and outdoor antennas, because the longer the line, the weaker the signal.

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