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Four-Faith Makes a Splash at the Canton Fair, Boosting the Brand's International Presence and Showcasing the Charm of 'Made in China' to the World

On October 15th, the 134th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) officially opened in Guangzhou. It has brought together new products, new technologies, and new information from various industries worldwide, creating a more direct and efficient connection between the supply and demand chain. This fair is a powerful initiative to shape new advantages in foreign trade competition and enhance core industrial competitiveness.

At this Canton Fair, Four-Faith showcased its innovative achievements, including 5G industrial communication terminals, distribution network automation solutions, 5G+ full-connectivity factory applications, and more, in the Intelligent Manufacturing and Industrial Automation Zone. These innovations provide global businesses with a comprehensive product display and high-quality supply chain services.

Taking the Brand Overseas to Shape Competitive Advantages in Foreign Trade

Focusing on the changing industrial trends and new market demands, the innovative Canton Fair adapts to the times. From participating companies to the product structure and brand booths, the leading position of new technologies and innovations is becoming increasingly prominent.

As a globally recognized expert in IoT technology, Four-Faith has seized the opportunity to showcase the strength of 'Made in China' and 'Chinese Innovation' to the world. Their product lineup focuses on scenario applications in the field of automation. These showcased products not only excel in intelligent performance but also exhibit a high degree of innovation. Compared to similar products from international manufacturers, they offer better cost-effectiveness and stronger competitive advantages. On the first day of the event, they attracted the attention of buyers from around the world. Four-Faith's professional international trade managers provided in-depth explanations and practical demonstrations, laying the foundation for future strategic cooperation."

Manufacturing Intelligence Goes Global, Attracting Buyers from Around the World

After decades of development, China's manufacturing value-added accounts for nearly 30% of the global total. At the Canton Fair, more and more 'Made in China' products are gaining popularity among international buyers.

Four-Faith has made remarkable achievements in the field of intelligent manufacturing, showcasing a series of highlights, including leading products, innovative technologies, and scenario solutions, among others, to a global audience. This has provided an excellent platform for Four-Faith to secure international orders and seek global collaborations.

The '5G + Industrial Internet' exhibition area, which is a focus of interest for international buyers, has received numerous positive reviews from guests and attendees. Taking the 5G full-connection factory application solution as an example, this solution is based on emerging technologies such as 5G private networks, 5G LAN, and IoT platforms. It combines the development concepts of automation, informatization, intelligence, and digitization to empower intelligent applications in various industries and scenarios within the IoT field. This includes predictive maintenance, smart logistics, flexible production lines, and more, facilitating the transformation of traditional factories into intelligent 5G+ factories.

Best in the Field! Feedline Terminal Units Are a Major Hit

With the continuous development of power distribution automation worldwide, an increasing number of feedline terminal units (FTUs) are entering the market, presenting new opportunities. The Intelligent Distribution Network Automation Solution, as the core and most popular exhibition area in the Four-Faith booth, saw a peak in visitors on the first day, drawing the interest of numerous domestic and international buyers.

Taking the core components of this section, the Feedline Terminal Units (FTUs) and Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) as an example, these devices are designed to achieve intelligent monitoring and remote control of the distribution network. They feature functions such as centralized distribution control, feedline automation, grid analysis applications, and interconnectivity with relevant application systems. They are mainly composed of FTUs, Reclosers, SCADA, distribution terminals, and communication channels.

Feedline protection terminals are primarily used for overhead and cable lines. They are the core components of FTUs, Ring Main Units (RMUs), and Primary Switchgear (PSG), providing functions such as protection, control, measurement, communication, data processing, and power management. These terminals can be configured with various distribution automation logics to detect, isolate, and recover faults in feeders (FDIR), thereby reducing downtime, improving power supply reliability, and promoting the development of intelligent upgrades for the distribution network.

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