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How to Read a Smart Meter? Introduction of Smart Meter Reading System

Many people only know that an electric meter is a meter used to measure electricity, and they do not know how to read a smart meter. Therefore, in our real life, we often see some people for a few kilowatts of electricity, that is, a few dollars, and The electricians who read the meters clashed and even refused to pay the electricity bill. Let me tell you what is smart meter reading and how to read smart meters?

Electric energy meter, short for electric energy meter, is an instrument used to measure electric energy, also known as watt-hour meter, fire meter, electric energy meter, kilowatt-hour meter, and refers to an instrument that measures various electrical quantities.
how to read a smart meter
1. How to read a smart meter? There are four methods for smart meter reading:
The first type: The general straight-type single-phase electric meter and three-phase electric meter can directly read the number minus the last reading, which is the electric quantity of this stage. The straight-in electric meter has a thicker incoming wire, and carefully observe that it does not pass through. Transformer connection.
The second type: a three-phase meter connected by a current transformer connection, the meter has 10 wires, and the current ratio of the connected current transformer should be observed. The nameplate of the current transformer has a number. If the ratio is marked by 5, such as 100/5150/5, etc., the number read on the meter multiplied by the current ratio is the measured amount of electricity, and the change loss and line loss should be added accurately.
The third type: single-phase electricity meter measures the electricity of three-phase electricity. The electricity reading method is to connect the electricity meter directly to read the number on the electricity meter and multiply it by 3. If the electricity meter connected through the transformer needs to read the electricity meter number and multiply Multiply by the current multiple of the transformer by 3.
Fourth: The smart meter has only one LCD screen. If it is a single-phase, it will directly display the total power and remaining power, and you can read it directly. If it is an IC card meter, only the LED display is a single-card meter. There will be a small red dot on the meter, and the red dot jumps to the total usage, which is the total usage, and jumps to the remaining place to be the surplus. Dual graphics card meter, you can read above or below. Three-phase prepaid electricity meter direct reading, mutual inductance meter reading multiplied by the transformer magnification.
2. Introduction of Smart Meter Reading System
The smart meter reading system is a subsystem of "DC2000A "Water and Electricity" Metering, Billing, Alarm, and Cutoff System. It is suitable for networking high-rise and residential residential meters, and it is centrally managed by a computer.
The system integrates the consumption of thousands of households with the computer network center of the management department, and fundamentally solves the problems of the current water, electricity, and gas management with low automation, many intermediate links, and untimely payment. The system has a variety of communication modes, flexible networking mode, convenient expansion, and meets various needs of users from different angles, and truly realizes the scientific management of residential areas.
The system adopts the design of distributed structure, which greatly improves the reliability and scalability of the system. The communication between the data collector and the management center computer adopts standard RS485 to realize long-distance data transmission. The unique and flexible networking mode is suitable for various installation and use environments. The software "smart Meter Reading Bus System" is seamlessly integrated with the hardware of the system to form a multi-functional smart three-meter network with powerful functions, stable and reliable, easy management, accurate data and strong scalability (expansion). management system.
As the final realization of the system, the software part provides users with an important tool to use and manage the system. It has the following characteristics: The system takes the database as the core, and provides convenient functions of data processing, query, statistics, reporting, and backup. The design method combining object-oriented and modularization is adopted to support the unique requirements of different customers (such as report printing format, operator permission control, etc.). Support the customer's original integrated management system, which can be integrated with the customer's original management system (such as property management system, etc.) (database interface or communication interface can be provided).
3. System implementation standard of smart meter reading system
3.1 GB/T17618: Information Technology Equipment Immunity Limits and Measurement Methods;
3.2 GB3836.1: General requirements for electrical equipment for explosive gas atmospheres;
3.3 JG/T 162-2004: Residential remote meter reading system data line transmission;
3.4 Q/SZJ004-2,006: DC2,000A Enterprise Standard for "Water and Electricity" Metering, Billing, Alarm, and Cutoff System.
4. System composition of intelligent meter reading system
4.1 System Composition
The system consists of the management center computer (master station), collector and household computer (direct reading remote meter, gas leakage alarm, electric valve) terminal three-level network. There are few intermediate links, which greatly improves the stability of the system.
4.2 Data Collector
It is used for real-time data acquisition, fault judgment, data transmission, etc.
RS485 is used for signal transmission between data collector and direct reading remote meter; multi-core cable is used for point-to-point transmission between data collector and gas leakage alarm and electric valve. RS485 is used for signal transmission between the data collector and the master station.
The data collector can take 220V mains power locally, or use uninterruptible power supply UPS plus battery power supply.
4.3 Home computer
Direct reading remote household meter: The direct reading meter with "direct reading" data output developed by our company is adopted.
Gas leakage alarm: the alarm with sound and light alarm + cut off gas valve + network signal function is adopted.
4.4 Functions of Intelligent Meter Reading System
Real-time meter reading function: real-time reading of the current data and working status of any household meter or all household meters. Automatic time calibration function: The system can automatically calibrate the system time when reading the meter.
Disconnection detection function: When the signal line or communication line is disconnected, the system will reflect the state.
Gas alarm function: collect gas alarm signals, and display the alarm room number on the computer in the master control center.
Alarm cut-off function: the valve is automatically closed when the gas alarms, and the computer can also remotely open or close the valve when there is an abnormal situation.
Power-off data protection function: When the system or equipment is powered off, the data will be stored for a long time.
Cost calculation function: automatically calculate user costs according to the rate set by the administrator.
Data management function: initialization, statistics, query, reports, etc. of data such as user usage.
System management function: manage system parameters (such as rate, payment method, etc.), administrator operation authority.
Fee collection function: If the payment is made manually, the operator will input the amount of fees paid by the user into the computer according to the charging voucher and archive it. If the transfer fee is charged, the computer will automatically settle the fee. If there is still a balance after settlement, it will be automatically accumulated into the next fee.
Report printing function: print various reports as needed, such as monthly reports, reminders, etc.

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