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What is an IoT Edge Gateway? Practical Applications of IoT Edge Gateways

Edge computing means that in the vicinity of the data source, the IoT edge gateway lays a solid foundation for the application of edge computing in the Internet of Things, and the deployment of edge computing services in the fields of the Industrial Internet and the Internet of Things. Edge computing is the infrastructure of edge computing gateways, enabling developers to quickly develop and deploy applications.

IoT Edge Gateway
1. What is an IoT Edge Gateway
Let's talk about edge computing first. Edge computing is a method of processing data physically close to the location where the data is generated, that is, the field area where things, information, and data are located. Let's talk about the IoT edge gateway, which is a wireless communication terminal used to realize IoT data collection, data transmission, and remote control. It has rich data acquisition protocols and cloud platform communication protocols.
2. Application of industrial edge computing gateway in IoT
2.1 Electric power: real-time monitoring and alarming of voltage and current data, urban power grid, and street light control;
2.2 Security: remote access control system monitoring, anti-theft device alarm;
2.3 Energy: coal mine, oil, natural gas, oil field data acquisition, heating system monitoring;
2.4 Traffic: motor vehicle, license plate capture monitoring system, vehicle violation monitoring, traffic light control;
2.5 Environmental protection: real-time data collection, real-time monitoring and maintenance of tap water, sewage pipelines, pumping stations and water plants;
3. Features of Industrial IoT Edge Gateway
The IoT edge gateway has strong edge computing capabilities, sharing computing resources deployed in the cloud, and realizing data optimization, real-time response, agile connection, model analysis and other services at the edge nodes of the IoT, making the digital IoT in the AI era a step further.
3.1 Possess super edge computing capabilities
How to transmit data to the cloud or remote terminal cost-effectively and efficiently is of great significance. The edge computing gateway with super edge computing capability can process it nearby through the delegation of data processing authority. There is no need to worry about the problem of unsmooth transmission of long-distance communication, and it has huge functional advantages related to ordinary IoT gateways.
3.2 Rich interfaces to enhance adaptability
The interface can choose 4-way WAN port, RS232 serial port, RS485 serial port, USB and 4-way AD/IO interface. Usually in factories, sewage pump treatment plants and other scenarios, due to the large number of equipment, the types of lines and the styles of interfaces, the common IoT gateway interface is relatively simple and cannot meet the needs.

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