LoRa Gateway

Four-Faith LoRa Gateway using the LPWAN techonology and Four-Faith LoRa private protocol, to achieve the data communication.
  • LoRa Router Low-cost F8936-L

    ●  With 2.5G/3G/4G +LoRa Dual Wireless Link
    ●  Powerful Network Switching Capability
    ●  Ultra-High Receiver Sensitivity, Reaching a Staggering -148 dBm
    ●  Industrial-Grade High-Speed 3G 4G Module
    ●  Wi-Fi Hotspot Coverage. High Data Throughput
    ●  LoRa Router supports APN/VPDN private networks
    ●  Suitable For Various Kinds of Non-Human On-Site Industrial Applications. Offering 24/7 Stability
    ●  Controllable Bandwidth Resource Allocation
    ●  Remote Equipment Configuration
    ●  Communication Distance >11.5 KM