Four-Faith GPRS Router F3125 application for Telys Generator Monitoring

Date:2014-12-10 15:51:00

Country: UAE

Model : F3125 M2M router

Quantity : 50 pcs

Application: Four-Faith GSM Modem F3125 for Telys Generator Monitoring

A system integrator in UAE purchase 50 pcs Gprs 4G modem F3125 for Telys Generator Monitoring

This connection allows the TELYS to be supervised via  the integrated website,namely to:

1. Display the status and the measurements for the generating set

2. Set the main parameters for the generating set

3. Remotely control the generating set.

Telys Generator Monitoring solution

          In this configuration,the GSM 4G LTE Modem F3125 is connected to the generator either by ethernet port rj45,the  network allows communication with an  external GSM/GPRS network. Once a fault or an alarm appears, the TELYS transmits a message including the serial number of the generating set and the relevent information to the gsm modem F3125 which is charged with sending one or more text message(s) via the gsm/gprs network.

         If the connection between a remote computer and the Telys connected to the IP modem is already established then the message will appear on the active web page. The alert will be sent after connection to be the website.

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