3G DTU become important part of agriculture intelligent irrigation system

Date:2014-08-25 15:28:00

           With the development of networking technology , communications technology, automation and control system has been applied in agricultural development , with people's growing awareness of water conservation , agriculture intelligent irrigation system came into being.

           Agriculture and agri-food industry is an important component of the Canadian economy and how to improve agricultural management and customer value is Four-Faith’s Canada customer (Agricultural Systems Integrators ) the most attention. To enhance market competitiveness and promote local agriculture in Canada automation systems more efficient, Canadian customer ordering 500 four-channel low-power UMTS 4G modem ( DTU ) F2414 wireless communication terminals , and four- faith intelligence cooperation and development of agricultural irrigation systems.

          Smart irrigation system , according to the requirements of various crops for water , and soil water regime rational allocation of water supply equipment for each operation . In addition, through automation, can keep abreast of relevant personnel resources of the whole system , through statistical analysis, rational use , so as to achieve energy- saving water , saving time and labor to effect, and the purpose of the development of water-saving agriculture .

         Smart irrigation system is mainly composed of central master control system , sensors , weather stations , data collection and transmission , and other communications equipment.

Network topology is as follows :

Agricultural Systems Integrators Network

         General areas of responsibility because the system is relatively large , the area in order to collect relevant information , the area is divided into a plurality of relatively small control unit , each unit via the data network operator , via Four-Faith low-power IP 4G LTE MODEM F2414 wireless communication terminal to upload weather data to the monitoring center, monitoring center for a comprehensive analysis of the data collected soil temperature and humidity sensor data, etc. , and then watering parameter settings, and to make statistical watering , and through special software stored on the computer display data and charts. While special artificial manipulation . Get weather information via the Internet , predictable implementation watering.

F2414 low power DTU Wireless DTU application

        Intelligent design combines the automated watering system configuration , wireless communications and other advanced technology to achieve the acquisition of farmland fixed , mobile collection and transmission functions. Low power consumption through the use of four- faith IP MODEM F2414 wireless communication terminals , the system structure is simple to use, low power, low cost design , the use of strong , real-time monitoring data show a significant features real-time upload and good reproducibility .

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