Numerically-controlled machine remote maintenance

Date:2014-08-20 15:21:00

numerically-controlled machine remote maintenance

           Numerically-controlled machine is the key equipment for all enterprises in the process lines. If it break down, and cannot maintain on time, it will cause huge loss because of long time machine halt. No matter how high reliability, it is inevitable to cause malfunction. Therefore, the users care more how to diagnose in advance when the signal of failure symptom appears and how to maintain after malfunction happened. Numerically-controlled machine is a mechatronic product of machine manufacturing, computer, hydraumatic pressure, sensor, information processing and opto-mechatronics. The maintain needs to be with help of external force. Using F2X14 Low Consumption IP 4G Modem, setting up export diagnosis center between enterprise LAN and INTERNET, with the help of external specialists’ remote monitoring, analysis and diagnosis on the status of  numerically-controlled machine. It can improve maintain efficiency effectively.

Why clients choose Four-Faith?

1. High compatibility

F2X14 supports transparent transmission and is compatible with different brands and different protocols for Numerical Control Device.

2. High Security

It passes through the insulation resistance, dielectric strength, surge interference and electrostatic discharge interference, high and low temperature, radio frequency radiation electromagnetic field, power frequency magnetic field and other indicators, meet or surpass the related national standards, to ensure the stability of the numerical control monitoring system.

3. SMS Alarm:

It support SMS alarm.

4. Remote Management

The PC software can do the reverse control, parameter configuration, remote upgrade on site by F2X14 to improve the efficiency of management.

Successful Cases

DongGuan Enterprise                         Shenzhen Enterprise                                Chengdu Enterprise                         NingXia Enterprise

Customer's feedback

NingXia Customer: Through the application of wireless communication technology, the problems can be found as early as possible, to realize predicting maintenance, reduce the down time, improve production efficiency. This system use Four-Faith F2114 IP 4G LTE modem to provide long distance wireless data transmission, which is low consumption, stable and simple and useful.

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