Ship AIS wireless data transmission application case

Date:2013-08-28 15:21:00

1. Summary

        Automatic Identification System(AIS) is a new navigational aids . AIS is precisely the basic functions of the boat and his boat ship's position , heading , speed ( vector lines ) , steering speed, and distance from the nearest ship encounter and dynamic information such as name, call sign , ship captain and Breadth and other static information via VHF automatic , regular broadcast in the VHF coverage (20 nautical miles) AIS equipped vessels device automatically receive these messages. The time interval between two pieces of information will be automatically increases its velocity reduced if motorized sailing vessels are doing , the information gap is further reduced. For example , when the ship stay in port or at intervals of a few minutes when the message anchor the ship at high speeds , the information interval of two seconds.

        For this characteristic , AIS will provide an effective ship collision avoidance measures and greatly enhanced radar functions. Moreover, due to the installation of AIS navigation information for ships are in the " air " spread , so the local VTS stations can be received. To deal with AIS information , VTS only with AIS base station , the operator need not check the ship one by one , you can get all the use of AIS AIS equipped vessels full of traffic dynamics. Since AIS completely independent of the radar , that is, the AIS -based VTS need to install radar , therefore , AIS technology VTS operations on long-term effects , the effect is immeasurable.

2. Networking diagram of the system

Ship AIS wireless Networking

        After the device receives AIS AIS equipment to respond to the other over the data , via RS485 interface to connect a router ( F3X34 Industrial Router ) the console port , through the operation of the network to ship information back to the monitoring center , monitoring center software parse the data , to know the specific information on the ship.

3. Field Applications

       The practical application of the project is to sail with Xiamen Hong fa Star Technology Co., Ltd. products supporting the use of boats

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