Remote Monitoring Application of Tower Crane

Date:2014-04-15 14:28:00

Remote Monitoring Application of Tower Crane

           With the development of network technology, monitoring of huge industrial device has became possible. The output data from the cane weight sensor, phase sensor, height sensor and angle sensor is transferred to managing center for analyzing. The managing staff can perform the monitoring without going to site for monitoring the device.

Why clients choose Four-Faith?

1. EMC electromagnetism compatibility

Four-Faith F7X14 GPS IP 4G MODEM adopts high grade EMC anti-interference design, can work normally in the high electromagnetism interference severe environment.

2. Anti-thunder

Four-Faith F7X14 GPS IP 4G LTE MODEM makes corresponding optimization for thunder protection

3. Wide temperature range

Wide temperature range design, resistant to high temperature, and low cold. No matter how the temperature outside is, it can ensure the reliable work.

4. Remote Management

The PC software can do the reverse control, parameter configuration, remote upgrade on site by the ip modem to improve the efficiency of management.

Successful Cases

Baotou Tower Crane Monitoring        Tangshan Tower Crane Monitoring

Chongqing Tower Crane Monitoring        Guangzhou Tower Crane Monitoring

Customer's feedback

Baotou Client: We have been testing the tower crane managing system in many projects.Before purchasing Four-Faith products, we have been testing for many times, and the products work really perfect in the first round, and we look forward to future cooperation.

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