LoRa & Line-to-Line Electricity Transmission Monitoring Applications

Electricity Transmission

The LoRa module is embedded in various sensors and monitors to achieve reliable networking and wireless electricity transmissions.

LoRa & Photovoltaic System Monitoring Applications

LoRa gateway Photovoltaic System Monitoring

The data collector accumulates the data from the photovoltaic system monitoring panels and uploads them to the network server or local computer through LoRa Module, GPRS etc.

LoRa & Smart Irrigation Applications

Smart Irrigation Applications

The collected data is transmitted to intelligent cloud platform by the wireless network which is composed of Four-Faith wireless LORA module and LORA smart gateway. This smart irrigation applications system can automatically irrigate according to the region, season, soil moisture and plant growth cycle. 

LoRa Smart Parking embedded in the geomagnetic sensor

Smart Parking

The Four-Faith LoRa module is embedded in the geomagnetic sensor, when a vehicle enters or leaves the parking space the sensor detects the Earth’s magnetic field changes to determine the status of the vehicle. Sma...

LoRa Wireless Meter Reading System Applications

LoRa module remote meter reading wireless meter reading meter reading system

The wireless meter reading system consists of smart meters (embedded with F8L10D LoRa modules), GPRS gateway and a server management platform to operate.

LoRa & Soil Temperature, Humidity Monitoring Applications
As we all know, outdoor applications are generally battery powered (if able, users could also use a solar panel for charging).