Intelligent Manhole Cover Monitoring Solution Based on LoRaWAN
With the accelerated process of urbanization, the construction of municipal public facilities is developing rapidly. Municipal, power, communication and other departments have many municipal equipment and assets that need...

Four Faith Supports Deployment of New Water Meter Monitoring Service in India Using the LoRaWAN® Standard

LoRaWAN Water Meter Monitoring LoRaWAN standard

FourFaith supports deployment of new LoRaWAN®-based water meter monitoring service in India. FourFaith LoRaWAN product line has a comprehensive hardware solution. FourFaith provides the industrial-grade LoRaWAN module for smart meter manufacturers to embed into its smart meter products. 

Smart City with LoRa Case Study

LoRa Case Study

Among all the LPWan technology, LoRa is the superstar since it has various advantages when compared with others in the range, power consumption, security, mobility and localization service, etc. Hence, LoRa has been w...

Four-Faith Let the Smart Digital City Run Smartly

Smart Digital City

In contemporary society, urban lighting has become a business card and window to show the charm of the smart digital city, because urban lighting is not only a science but a culture, an art. Urban street lighting is...

Four-Faith LoRa with 70kV Substation

LoRa Communication

The product uses high-performance industrial-grade LoRa communication solution, support transparent data transmission function;

Four-Faith LoRa Module Gateway with Parking Station

LoRa Module LoRa Gateway Parking Station

Parking Station using Lora device to transfer data from  the magnetic field sensor to monitoring station, then show those information in a the parking station system.