Four-Faith 3G industrial RTU Application for water-saving irrigation system

Date:2015-02-03 16:21:00

          In recent years, Malaysia has incorporated agriculture into the national key economic areas, local government try to take measures, including technological to increase food production. With the application of wireless technology, makes it applied in many areas of the national economy and was developing rapidly. In particular, wireless technology-based networking system, making wisdom agricultural technical system widely used in the production practice possible. Practice and development of precision agriculture technology system, also attracted national attention in Malaysia.

         Four-Faith Malaysia client is local system integrator, in order to strengthen the agricultural automation system upgrade, Four-Faith provide a stable, reliable and easy to deploy wireless communications network management solutions for customers automate construction of water-saving irrigation projects.

On site Image for Automatic water-saving irrigati

        Automatic water-saving irrigation syste mainly consists of three parts of controlled  acquisition front-end equipment, Four-Faith Industrial Wireless RTU F2164 and central master control system. Customers do not need to change the deployment plan projects,and a variety of docking without additional research and development, the Four-Faith Industrial Wireless RTU F2164 can provide real-time stable data transmission channel for water-saving irrigation system.

           The acquisition and control front-end equipment ( including solenoid valves, temperature and humidity sensors, etc. ) connect to F2164. F2164 collect the relevant data, such as temperature and humidity by the GPRS wireless network sent to the central host system, the central master control system by real-time integrating and analysis the data, then issued by the corresponding control commands to the F2164 GPRS RTU,modbus rtu,wireless rtu,cellular rtu. F2164 control solenoid valves and other equipment on-site according to the corresponding instructions to irrigate farmland reasonable.

Four-Faith Industrial Wireless RTU F2164 ( GPRS RTU,modbus rtu,wireless rtu,cellular rtu ) product advantages:

-Highly reliable, industrial-grade design mechanism, solve the irrigation area points scattered, remote , bring a wide range of factors such as post- maintenance concerns, greatly reducing the associated labor costs.

-Industry core communication module , ensure the normal operation of the entire system

-Lost data re-transmission mechanism, SMS backup function to ensure data integrity

-Multi analog, digital interface, meet the needs of the front-end of the irrigation district

-Modbus standard communication protocols

-Low-power design, can be well used in solar and battery powered field environment

-Wide power input (DC 5 ~ 35V), - 35 ~ + 75ºC (-31 ~ + 167 ℉) operating temperature across the country to meet the application requirements of the irrigation district

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