Solutions for Water Conservancy

Date:2011-01-05 16:16:00

Commercial and municipal recreational water facilities are such as swimming pools and spas located at schools, universities, resorts, hospitals, municipal facilities, hotels, and water parks. Suppliers of this market are fragmented and highly competitive.

Water-treatment chemicals are mostly commodities and as such many companies can sell them generically, like flour, gasoline, and chlorine. Commodity sellers strongly need to differentiate themselves from the others, particularly as they can provide services along with their products.
In these applications, sensors monitor the condition of the water in the pool, including pH and sanitizer levels. Water-treatment chemicals are automatically dispensed, and the impact is measured and reported back to the operations center.

Critical information can be automatically transmitted to any of these devices, encouraging immediate reaction or further review through a more comprehensive analysis of the system.

With an automation system developed and built by Client, Server constructed a secure Web-based software system that provides operations personnel and service contractors with the ability to monitor and control the automation equipment from a remote location and to access and maintain all information pertaining to physical assets, condition, service, and repairs work.

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