Reservoir Video Surveillance Dual-Link Backup Networking Solution

Date:2023-08-29 11:11:30


Video surveillance of reservoirs on China Hainan Island utilizes a comprehensive network connecting cameras across the province through a dedicated optical fiber network provided by the carrier. However, due to frequent typhoons in Hainan Province, the wired optical fiber may be damaged, resulting in network failures for reservoir video surveillance. This could impact the disaster prevention and mitigation center's ability to assess disasters accurately.

Solution Description


Solution Introduction

The system consists of three main components: front-end devices, transmission equipment, and central platform. The front-end devices include network cameras and switches, with the ability to connect multiple cameras to a single switch. The transmission equipment employs Xiamen Four-Faith industrial-grade routers to ensure stable and reliable data transmission. The central platform performs real-time monitoring of video feeds from various reservoirs across the entire province.

Communication Technology Key Features

  1. Compared to previous technologies like 3G, 4G communication technology has significantly improved speed.
  2. The 4G communication system incorporates advanced techniques such as OFDM multi-access, smart antennas, spatial coding, and wireless link enhancement.
  3. 4G communication employs new modulation techniques, including multi-carrier orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) and single-carrier adaptive equalization to optimize spectrum utilization and extend user terminal battery life.
  4. Leveraging carrier networks enables widespread distribution, eliminating costly network construction and maintenance expenses, ensuring high real-time performance, and minimizing networking costs.
  5. It supports full-network coverage and popularization, with compatibility for carrier access point names (APN) to ensure secure and reliable data communication.

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Key Features:

  • Industrial-grade wide power input, supports DC 5~36V
  • Metal enclosure, IP30
  • Operating temperature: -35°C to +75°C (-31°F to +167°F)
  • Industrial-grade anti-dropout mechanism ensures continuous online operation
  • Built-in software/hardware watchdog ensures system stability
  • Transmission methods: 4G, wired Ethernet
  • Provides standard RS232 (or RS485/RS422), Ethernet, and WiFi interfaces for direct connection to serial, Ethernet, and WiFi devices.


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