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How Important is a Home Security System? Functional Analysis of Home Security System

Home security system refers to a comprehensive system that provides residential intrusion alarm system services through various alarm detectors, alarm hosts, cameras, card readers, access control controllers, alarm centers and other security equipment. Contains three subsystems: CCTV subsystem, access control subsystem, intrusion alarm subsystem. It should also be noted that a good home security system requires a comprehensive alarm center.

Home burglar alarm system is an effective technical means to ensure home security. With the continuous progress of social civilization, it is imperative to cancel the home security system net, and it is also the need for family members to escape in the event of a fire or other emergency. The home anti-theft alarm system developed by modern scientific and technological means fully meets the needs of home security system anti-theft and automatic alarm, and also provides remote monitoring and networking precautions, making home security system and anti-theft more reliable. Therefore, the home burglar alarm system is one of the necessary systems for the design of the intelligent security system in Xintianmeidi community.
Home Security System
1. Functional analysis of home security system
1.1 CCTV Subsystem
CCTV subsystem occupies an important position in the construction of residential security system, and belongs to the first line of defense for residential security. Generally speaking, the closed-circuit monitoring system is built by the developer for the entire community, and rarely for the owner's residential building monitoring system, which requires the owner to build the system by himself. Cameras can be divided into analog cameras and network cameras according to mainstream technologies. Using analog cameras can only monitor, record, and defend in the residential intranet. If remote monitoring is required, network cameras are required (at least a video server is required). So what should I do if I use a network camera and the house does not have a fixed real IP address? If the owner monitors his residence remotely (usually refers to the Internet), he first needs to apply for an ADSL broadband Internet service, then purchase a router that supports dynamic domain name resolution (such as built-in peanut shell software), and then apply for a dynamic resolution The domain name (there are many free domain names on the Internet, such as peanut shells) is enough, and the owner can access the pre-applied domain name through a standard browser to access the camera at home.
1.2 Access Control Subsystem
Access control systems are generally built in large residential quarters, especially those with fully closed management. However, the main reason for building an access control system for each house is high cost, and once the access control cannot open the door, it is more troublesome, and the use of a key to open the door will lose the meaning of the access control itself. However, you can still build the system according to your actual needs. The card reader can be a card-type card reader or a fingerprint card reader. If there are elderly people or children at home, it is recommended not to use a fingerprint card reader.
1.3 Alarm Subsystem
The intrusion alarm subsystem consists of an alarm detector, an alarm host and an alarm center. The alarm detectors can be infrared microwave dual detectors, window magnets, door magnets, glass breakage detectors, smoke detectors, emergency buttons and gas leak detectors, etc. The key to the system is the alarm center. After the design of the alarm center The text is detailed.
Regarding the intrusion alarm subsystem, in addition to the alarm door lock mentioned above, there are two more practical functions, namely anti-hijacking and emergency alarm button. The advantage of building these two functions is that in the event of a robbery or illegal event, the owner can call the police through the emergency alarm button. In order to eliminate the possibility of false alarms, the alarm center will contact the owner through the intercom system to confirm the alarm. Then the owner enters the anti-hijacking password to disarm the system, and the alarm center can determine that the owner has been held hostage, and for criminals, one system has been disarmed. It is recommended that the owner consider this function when constructing the system.
1.4 Alarm processing control system
When the alarm information such as illegal intrusion or gas leakage occurs in the home, the local sound and light alarm information will be issued. At the same time, the system host will make calls, send text messages, MMS messages, and capture live pictures to multiple designated user mobile phones; the user receives the alarm information Information can pick up the mobile phone or computer for the first time to view any screen in the home, and control the cameras, alarms, and smart appliances in the home through the mobile phone or computer! The system can independently complete functions such as surveillance video, anti-theft alarm, and smart home without a computer.
2. Common sense of home security system
2.1 Install an automatic alarm door lock. Once it is illegally opened by a bad person, it can automatically alarm the user's pager, mobile phone, neighbors, neighborhood committee, and public security organ monitoring platform through the telephone line;
2.2 The window can be installed with a magnetic control switch, and an alarm signal can be issued once the window is opened;
2.3 Passive infrared intrusion detectors can be installed on the balcony or hallway;
2.4 The building intercom or video intercom anti-theft system can be installed in the unit residential building;
2.5 If there is an automatic alarm center in the community, it should be connected to the network as soon as possible. In case of emergency, community security and public security police can arrive in time to deal with it. It doesn't cost much, the safety is in place, and it's worth it.
3. Details that are easily overlooked in home security systems
3.1 Infrared color dome camera is afraid of light and dark
3.2 Should the gas alarm be high or low?
3.3 The installation of security equipment should be on the ground
3.4 Is WIFI better or 3G better for wireless network monitoring?
3.5 Security equipment should also be protected against lightning
4. System requirements for home security systems
The villa has three floors, one underground floor, and two floors above ground. Due to the large number of doors and windows, it is proposed to provide standard configuration: the units at all levels are divided into three levels: small, medium and large, and 6 to 10 monitoring points are set respectively (only the screen is considered Curtain and infrared probe); each household has a home alarm host, a signal repeater, and a remote control; the home alarm host is connected to the central host through a telephone line.
The mobile phone video surveillance and alarm system is a set of intelligent systems for security to enter the civilian field. The system integrates two systems of mobile phone monitoring and mobile phone anti-theft alarm. When an illegal person breaks into the restricted area, the system host will immediately notify the designated user. Make calls and send text messages or emails! When a user receives a text message, he or she can use the mobile phone or computer to view the screen of the monitoring area for the first time. Eliminate the worry of the traditional monitoring system after the gun and the traditional alarm system false alarm! The system integrates wireless door sensor, wireless smoke detector and other wireless alarm accessories information, which effectively improves the civilian characteristics of the monitoring system. Shenzhen Kate Technology Co., Ltd. is specialized in mobile phone video surveillance products. The product's supporting mobile phone software, Kate Patronus, can link with video surveillance and home alarm to mobile phone text messages or calls. This product is also a smart home security system monitoring and anti-theft system: the system is networked but can be completed independently without a computer! The local storage has 24-hour video recording, and you can view and operate all monitoring images in the home through the Internet mobile phone or computer in different places. The system comes with a wireless alarm module, which can match wireless door sensors, probes, smoke detectors and other wireless alarm triggering devices. When someone breaks into the monitoring defense area, the system will automatically call, send text messages, and email to the designated 4 mobile phone users. Sound and light sirens will be generated locally. After receiving the alarm call and information, the remote user can view the monitoring screen through the Internet mobile phone or computer, and control the rotation angle and focal length of the camera through the mobile phone, arm and disarm the alarm system, and activate the mobile phone video recording function and handle the police situation.
According to the requirements, we design the villa intelligent security system into the following three parts:
First, the intelligent security system in the villa;
Second, the signal transmission part of the villa community;
Third, the monitoring center of the villa community alarm reception and processing system.
Intelligent security system in the villa
In each villa, we have configured the following equipment according to the needs of security and smart home
①Wireless intelligent security control host;
②Wireless remote control and emergency help button;
③ Wireless infrared detector;
④Wireless infrared curtain detector;
⑤ Unlimited sub-control keyboard;
⑥ wireless communication repeater.
5. System working principle of home security system
When the owner goes out, the anti-theft system (arm) can be turned on through the intelligent control of the host keyboard operation, and then the door is locked to leave (arming can also be carried out through the wireless remote control that is carried with you). When the owner goes home, he only needs to enter the password on the intelligent control host to release the anti-theft system (disarm), then the indoor infrared detector and door magnetic switch will stop working to avoid false alarms when the owner is at home (you can also use the portable wireless remote control to disarm). Designated areas can also be armed while sleeping. If the resident forgets to disarm/arm when going out, he can also remotely disarm/arm by phone or computer.
After the resident turns on the intelligent security system, when someone illegally breaks into the door or opens the glass window to sneak into the room, the infrared detector installed on the door or window will automatically detect the intrusion signal and send it to the host immediately, and the host will automatically activate the sound and light alarm. system, and transmit the signal to the monitoring system of the monitoring management center through the intelligent security control host. An alarm prompt will appear in the corresponding position of the resident map on the computer monitoring screen, and it will show which type of alarm occurred in which room and in which building the resident is in, and notify the corresponding personnel to rush to the scene.
Residents can also arm the system at home, especially when sleeping at night, the system can also ensure safety. At the same time, you can also press the wireless emergency help button that you carry with you to send out a fire, burglary, medical and other distress signal to the monitoring center. The alarms of the emergency help button and gas leak detector are not controlled by passwords and are on alert 24 hours a day.

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