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The Difference Between PoE Industrial Switches and Ordinary Industrial Switches

Industrial-grade poe industrial switches and ordinary industrial switches are both a kind of network transmission equipment, but there are still essential differences between the two. It can be said that the industrial-grade poe industrial switch is an upgraded version of the ordinary industrial switch. The industrial-grade poe industrial switch can not only transmit data but also transmit power at the same time. This article will specifically introduce the advantages of the next industrial-grade poe industrial switches and the difference between PoE industrial switches and ordinary industrial switches.

Industrial-grade POE Industrial Switches
Advantages of industrial-grade poe industrial switches
Compared with traditional industrial switches, industrial-grade poe industrial switches have PoE functions. Direct power supply through network cables greatly simplifies wiring and reduces costs, and is loved by many people in the industry.
Terminal devices such as wireless APs, IP phones, and web cameras are usually numerous, have special locations, and are difficult to obtain electricity. Their implementation and deployment not only consume manpower and material resources, but increase network construction costs and delay construction time. Industrial-grade poe industrial switches eliminate the problem of installing a separate power supply device on each terminal device through remote power supply, making it unnecessary to deploy a separate power supply system for the device at the use site, which can greatly reduce the deployment of terminal equipment The cost of wiring and management has promoted the development of related fields and the development of business.
Simply put, industrial-grade poe industrial switches can supply power to network devices such as network cameras, wireless APs, and Internet phones, so that they can avoid complicated power wiring, which not only simplifies construction but also is very convenient and labor-saving.
The difference between PoE industrial switches and ordinary industrial switches
PoE industrial switches are industrial switches that support power supply to network cables. Compared with ordinary industrial switches, the power receiving terminals (such as APs and digital cameras) do not need to be wired for power supply. Therefore, PoE industrial switches are more reliable for the entire network.
In addition to providing the transmission functions of ordinary industrial switches, PoE industrial switches can also provide power supply to the equipment at the other end of the network cable. For example, there is a digital surveillance camera (it needs power supply to work normally), but it is not connected to a power supply but connected to a common industrial switch through a network cable. In this case, the camera does not work. If the camera is not connected to the power supply but its transmission network cable is connected to the PoE industrial switch, then the camera can work normally.
PoE is divided into standard and non-standard. The standard one will detect whether the connected network device has a PoE power receiving end. If there is, it will be powered, if not, it will not be powered and only provide data transmission. If the non-standard power supply is directly supplied, this link is not detected, and the possible situation is that the equipment is burned out.
Regarding the issue of industrial-grade poe industrial switches, this article introduces the advantages of industrial-grade poe industrial switches and the difference between industrial-grade poe industrial switches and ordinary industrial switches. In short, the industrial-grade poe industrial switch is an upgrade of the platform industrial switch, so it is much better in function and performance.

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