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How to Choose a POE Industrial Ethernet Switch

When doing monitoring systems, some people or engineering chambers will choose PoE power supply. At this time, the choice of PoE industrial Ethernet switches is involved. So how do companies choose PoE industrial Ethernet switches?

Industrial Ethernet Switch
How to choose a poe industrial Ethernet switch
1. The number of cameras and the size of the code stream. Since PoE industrial Ethernet switches not only provide power but also transmit video data, sufficient bandwidth is important. To know how much bandwidth a PoE industrial Ethernet switch needs, it is necessary to calculate the bit stream of the camera and know the number of cameras. In addition, a PoE industrial Ethernet switch can supply power to many cameras at the same time, so choose the appropriate port.
2. Consider the entire budget cost. If the investment is large, you can choose PoE industrial Ethernet switches from top brands such as Huawei or Cisco. If you have a general budget, you can choose the mid-range Fengrunda PoE industrial Ethernet switch. If you have a low budget, you can choose low-end Tenda and the like.
3. Pay attention to indicators such as the port and speed of the PoE industrial Ethernet switch. Currently, the ports on the market are mainly 8, 12, 16 and 24 ports. The fiber port is generally one or two ports, and the rate of 1000M is very fast, so you must pay attention to whether the optical port is 100M or Gigabit.
When making a monitoring system or choosing a PoE industrial Ethernet switch, you may wish to listen to the opinions of the manufacturer’s equivalent technicians. The latter simply ask them to give you a suitable solution to save some problems and troubles in the future.
Generally speaking, there are many poe industrial Ethernet switch manufacturers, and most of the well-known manufacturers have good quality products. Of course, this is also related to the price. When enterprises purchase poe industrial Ethernet switches, they can refer to the issues mentioned above and choose products with higher cost performance.

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