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What are the Requirements of Smart Port, The Importance of Intelligent Wireless Monitoring of Port Lighting

Smart port is the trend of port construction and development. Taking the information physical system as the framework, through the innovative application of high and new technology, the communication between the supply side and the demand side of logistics is integrated into the integration system of collection and distribution.

Smart Port

Greatly improve the smart port and its related logistics parks to the comprehensive processing of information and the optimization of the allocation of resources. Intelligent supervision, intelligent service and automatic loading and unloading have become its main forms.




At present, the operation and production of smart port wharves adopt 24h all-weather operation mode, and the large-scale high pole lamp is the necessary facility to ensure the night operation of smart port wharves, and the high pole lamp lighting consumes huge power resources.

Nowadays, lighting equipment cannot be turned on during the day when it is needed and cannot be turned off at night where there is no need for lighting, resulting in unreasonable and effective use of lighting equipment, resulting in great waste. Lighting source and supporting electrical facilities are life, short lighting time means that the reduction of maintenance workload and extension of the service life of lighting facilities.
How to make full use of high-tech means to solve the above contradictions has become a new and urgent subject in the field of lighting control. Therefore, it is urgent to establish intelligent and intensive port lighting management system. The products of Xiamen Four-Faith Communication apply in the intelligent wireless monitoring system of port lighting can completely solve the above problems.
The wireless monitoring system of smart port intelligent lighting mainly consists of a single lamp controller, data transmission equipment, and a monitoring center. The single indicator controller communicates with the data transmission equipment through the serial smart port, and the data transmission equipment communicates with the monitoring center through the carrier's private network. By setting different operation permissions, the monitoring center realizes the centralized management of all lighting systems and integrates all lighting-related data into the database.

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