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How to Wire WiFi Switch? Working Principle of WiFi Switch Module

Working principle of WiFi switch module: Wi-Fi is a technology that is distributed in the 2.4G and 5G frequency bands and allows devices to access wireless local area networks. In essence, the wired signal is converted into a wireless signal, so that devices within a certain range can access the network without wires. For example, a mobile phone connects to a router through Wi-Fi to access the Internet.

Wi-Fi is the most widely used wireless technology. Wi-Fi has the characteristics of fast transmission rate, stable data and no tariff.
So is there a certain concept for the WiFi switch module? There may or may not be, so let's take a look!
WiFi Switch Module
The WiFi module, also known as the serial port WiFi switch module, belongs to the IoT transport layer and is also a collection of integrated Wi-Fi chips, code programs, and basic circuits. The function of this module is to convert the serial port or TTL level into an embedded module that conforms to the Wi-Fi wireless network communication standard, with built-in wireless network protocol IEEE802.11b.g.n protocol stack and TCP/IP protocol stack.
Traditional hardware devices embedded in Wi-Fi modules can directly use Wi-Fi to connect to the Internet, which is an important part of realizing wireless smart home, M2M and other Internet of Things applications, and an important part of intelligent hardware.
The WiFi module performs fast networking by specifying the channel number. The serial port wifi switch module provides parameters for setting the working channel. Under the condition that the channel of the destination network is known, the working channel of the module can be directly specified, so as to achieve the purpose of speeding up the networking speed.
Wi-Fi can directly access the network, and Bluetooth needs to be converted, so WiFi is more suitable for one-to-many local area networking, such as home and company Internet access environments, especially for smart home wireless control application scenarios.
How to wire the wifi switch is as follows:
1. Two black wires are connected to one end of the lamp head to be controlled, the red wire is connected to the power supply circuit through the main switch of the lamp tube, and the yellow, white and blue wires are connected to one end of the three groups of lamps respectively.
2. First turn off the power, unplug the wire on the lamp head, then connect the plug of the lamp head and the plug of the wifi switch module, then connect the neutral wire of the lamp and the wifi switch, and then connect the neutral wire of the wifi switch module to the external , then wrap it with insulating tape before testing.
What are the characteristics of wifi switches?
1. Safety aspects
This is a very important question, because if it is not installed properly, or used improperly, it can cause safety problems and even sparks, but when you use a wifi switch module, you don't have to think about it, because it has no battery , there will be no electric current and no explosion will occur.
2. Beautiful
The design feels better, the surface is smooth, the style is new, it looks stylish, the design is beautiful, and it adds a touch of decoration to the home.
3. Cost saving
Compared with traditional switches, the cost of wifi switches is lower, and it does not require special workers to do it, which can save material and labor costs, and there is no need to pay electricity bills, so many people like it.

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