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Can Two Routers be Connected to One Modem?

It is very common to install broadband in your home. It can bring convenience to home life. You can see the world without leaving the house. But can two routers be connected to one modem? What do you need to know about installing fibre broadband? Now let's take a look. 

two routers one modem
Can two routers be connected to one modem?
The fiber modem can be connected to two routers. If there is only one broadband connection, you can connect to both routers by turning on the router function of the fiber modem. After the fiber modem has two fiber broadband enabled, it is possible to connect two routers directly, but the cost is less high.
The wireless router is connected to the wireless router. There are two ways to set the second router (provided that the first router has been set up):
The first method: dynamic IP mode (the first route is the main route, and the second route is the slave route)
1. Plug in the slave router, do not connect the main router LAN port, reset the slave router (restore the factory);
2. Connect the computer to any LAN port of the router and enter the setting page;
3. Set according to dynamic IP mode;
4. Then set the SSID, encryption method and password;
5. Save and restart;
6. After setting, connect the network cable from the LAN port of the main router to the WAN port of the slave router.
The second method: wireless AP method
1. First connect the computer to the LAN port of the slave router, and change the IP address of the slave router. For example, most router addresses are, we just need to change the router IP address to;
2. In the settings, turn off the DHCP function of the router;
3. Finally, connect the network cable from the main router to the LAN port of the slave router (any one will do), be careful not to be the WAN port.
Knowledge about installing fibre broadband
1. The installation of optical fiber broadband is different from ordinary broadband, the required craftsmanship and requirements are higher, and the experienced construction personnel are responsible for it. When cutting both ends of the optical fiber broadband, experienced masters must use special props to complete it. Try to ensure Both ends are smoothed so as not to reduce signal propagation.
2. After cutting off both ends of the optical fiber broadband, you need to check again to ensure that there is no quality problem, and then remove the dust on the optical fiber connector, otherwise it will affect the installation. Even in future use, it will affect the output and input of the signal, and affect subsequent use.
3. After the optical fiber broadband connector is processed, corresponding protective measures need to be taken to avoid the trouble of receiving signal leakage. In addition, when using optical fiber broadband, it is necessary to regularly use standard alcohol for sanitation and cleaning to avoid the accumulation of dust.
Regarding whether two routers can be connected to one modem, and about installing fiber broadband, I will first cover it here. Do you understand? There is no problem with the fiber optic modem connecting the two routers, but you have to pay attention to the details so as not to affect the use.

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