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How to Realize the City Park Audio and Video Alarm System Through Four-Faith 5G Industrial CPE

Traditional video alarm system is based on wired monitoring technology, which requires fixed erection sites and network cables, and a central computer room is established to complete video decoding and forwarding. The investment cost is relatively high. With the arrival of 5G, 5G wireless video surveillance will be easier to deploy, more convenient advantages will be more excellent play, wireless video surveillance system will also get more significant development, and even wired transmission monitoring to compete.

Video Alarm System
The multi-connection feature of 5G technology is conducive to further expanding the scope of security monitoring, obtaining more multidimensional monitoring data, providing more comprehensive and multi-dimensional reference data for intelligent security cloud decision-making centers, and making more effective security measures.
Urban Park Audio and Video Alarm System Requirements:
1. Video Surveillance Area: Important areas inside the park, perimeter, gate, and other important areas.
2. Video Compression Processing: The HD network camera installed in the front-end compresses and converts image signals directly into IP network signals, which are transmitted to the monitoring center through an aggregation switch and optical fiber through the backbone network. After transcoding distribution through the streaming media server platform, it is sent to the mass storage system for video storage, the browsing terminal, and the TV-wall display system for monitoring and browsing.
3. Alarm Linkage: By monitoring and alarm interface software, management software, and regional network video alarm system, the monitoring system can respond after the regional users of network alarm system alarm, regional network alarm host calls automatically by the alarm interface software, according to the relevant image to the screen or the main monitor at the same time start the established plan system. The screen of the main control center can display various contents, such as monitoring images and computer networks, as a comprehensive display platform of various information.
4. Network Monitoring: Through the local area network of relevant departments such as city and municipal administration, superior departments and relevant leaders can call any image, and authorized users can call video materials through the network.
Four-Faith F-NR200 5G industrial CPE adopts hoop installation mode to provide a stable and reliable 5G network for field terminals. The camera, audio alarm, and monitoring computer are all connected to 5G industrial CPE. The server receives the video data of the camera in real-time through a 5G core network and runs an AI algorithm at the same time to detect whether there is any illegal behavior on site. Once the illegal behavior is detected, the server sends an alarm signal and sends it back to the audio alarm through the 5G network. When the alarm goes off, the surveillance computer at the scene shows the camera and alarm information. Give security personnel the approximate location of the incident.

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