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Intelligent Monitoring Solution of the Greenhouse Using Four-Faith IP Modem

With China's automation and control level, the deepening of the sensor technology, network communication technology development, especially in recent years, countries in the agricultural industry policy are asking the country to the provinces, municipalities, and autonomous regions to make full use of the advanced technology, will increase the automation and modernization level of agricultural production in China to a new height.  Under such industrial background, various policies and measures have been introduced to encourage the construction of intelligent agriculture, which also urges agriculture-related enterprises and planting units to invest in the construction of intelligent agriculture with high enthusiasm.

Intelligent Monitoring Solution
Internet of things in agriculture is the direction of the current focus on developing, it combined with the current all kinds of advanced technology, the past traditional way of cultivation regulation into intelligence, automation, network platform for the integrated information supervision, implementation of agriculture from extensive management to fine management in the past, decentralized to centralized management, unified by the past, scale transformation, through the intelligent control of the Internet of things, this will greatly improve the management level, production efficiency of China's agriculture, agricultural economic benefits and automation level of agriculture, is the 12th five-year period and for a long time in the future, national agricultural developing trend and urgent requirement, the prospects are very broad, profound and significant. Remote monitoring of agriculture can be realized by transmitting data from various sensors and control terminals to data terminals by using Four-Faith IP Modem.
The networked agricultural greenhouse intelligent remote monitoring system solution can simulate the basic ecological environment factors, such as temperature, humidity, light, and CO2 concentration, to adapt to the needs of different biological growth and breeding, it is composed of intelligent monitoring unit, according to preset parameters, accurate measurement of greenhouse climate, soil parameters, etc. And the use of manual, and automatic two ways to start or close different execution structures (Irrigation, wet curtain water pump, fan, ventilation system, etc.), the data required by the program are all through the wireless terminal collection of all kinds of real-time sensor data. Field data collection end: Monitor and collect relevant data in real-time through front-end light sensor, carbon dioxide sensor, soil temperature, and humidity sensor, and other equipment.
Network Transmission: 
The industrial wireless DTU relates to the data acquisition end, and a data channel is established between the front end and the data center through the carrier network, which is convenient for data transmission and backup.
Data Center: 
The server stores, backs up and displays the data transmitted from the front-end, and visually displays the data in graphics on the cloud platform, facilitating unified analysis and processing by management and maintenance personnel.
In addition to data monitoring, but also through PLC remote according to the site situation, automatically open the wind group machine, sprinkler, and other equipment, can provide an ideal growth environment for plants, and can play to reduce labor intensity, improve the utilization rate of the equipment, improve the greenhouse climate, reduce pests and diseases, increase crop yield and so on. Reduce the labor intensity, improve equipment utilization rate, improve greenhouse climate, reduce diseases and insect pests, increase crop yield, and so on.

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