Router for Optimizing PLC Network Performance and Management

Date:2016-07-15 10:08:49

Location / Country : Chile
Product Solutions:
F3426 High-powered Industrial Cellular Router for PLC

Project Introduction

Traditional field-bus networks were, and some still are, isolated automation systems which require extensive local monitoring and routine on-site maintenance. To increase productivity and reduce operating costs, many manufacturers and plant operators have deployed industrial Ethernet to converge remotely isolated field-bus systems for centralized control and monitoring.Many advanced industrial automation systems have deployed gateways to efficiently bridge field-bus I/O devices to Ethernet based PLCs, switches to connect PLCs and SCADA terminals at remote control centers, to reduce operating costs and improve production efficiency of expanding.

System Requirements
  • High performance ensures high network capability
  • Seamless site-to-center communications; 
  • RJ45 Ethernet port for PLC connection.

Four-Faith Router for PLC Solution

Deploying a smart and reliable industrial control system requires an optimized industrial network design to help ensure a high-performance, efficient, and flexible platform for daily operation. Four-Faith provides a selection of networking products for optimization of PLC network performance and management, including industrial Ethernet 3G/4G gateways designed specifically for EtherNet/IP, PROFINET, and Modbus TCP applications.

Four-Faith’s industrial Ethernet routers offer industry-leading redundancy (< 20s recovery time), fast booting capability (< 1 min start-up time), full status parameters, and flexible topology to ensure high network reliability, availability, manageability, and flexibility of industrial control systems. Four-Faith’s industrial Ethernet gateways are easy-to-configure for quick integration of legacy field devices to control networks, and easy-to-maintain for rapid monitoring and troubleshooting of field-bus communications.

router for PLC

The topology is as below:

PLC Network

Why Four-Faith
  • High-Availability Wireless Control
  • Provides data transfer function by public cellular network,
  • Maximum security transmission in real-time.
  • Monitoring and Remote Access.

Four-Faith F3426 Industrial Cellular Router Benefits
  • Wide Operating Temperature: -35~+75ºC, applicable to most of interview site.
  • Low consumption: 215~290mA@12VDC while working, 99~130mA@12VDC when standby.
  • Support online trigger in a variety of ways, including SMS,ring and data.
  • Housing: iron, providing IP30 protection.Ingress protection is important for application environments where contaminants and high humidity can cause device malfunction and even failures.
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