Street lights real-time monitoring system solution

Date:2013-05-22 16:21:00

1. Background

          With the swift development of urban construction, road lighting quality continues to improve, the Government and people are becoming more concerned about the street lighting and the city image.

2. The drawbacks of the traditional timing control

1.1 Not real-time control
1.2 Not been able to switch lights
1.3 Feedback information can not be
1.4 Serious waste of electricity
1.5 Failure is not found in time
1.6 Frequent adjustment cycle lights

3. System analysis

3.1.1 Streetlight Control Terminals
          Streetlight Control Terminals are consist of Industrial computer, electric power measurement SCM, multi-channel control board, monitoring board; including power carrier module (EPCW) and input/output interface board. Streetlight Control Terminals can control every light on/off, electric power load conditions, the lamp pole damage, leakage alarm alarm functions.

3.1.2 Wireless transmission equipment
          F2103 connected to PLC built-in Streetlight control terminals via R232/RS485,then connected to data server via GPRS network. F2103 can exchange info with the data server. Four-Faith F2103 GPRS 4G Modem
 designed with TCP/IP stack, supports transparent data transmission and RS232/485, etc.

gprs dtu

3.1.3 Server 
          All data come from weather data loggers of remote sites will be processed and stored, analyzed, etc., then displayed via B/S or C/S.

4.  Diagram


5、System Benefits

Reducing the time to turn on the lights , extend the life of electrical light source, reduce management operating costs to improve the economic efficiency.
Street lights maintenance in time greatly reduce the lighting management of complaints and reduce road traffic accidents is good to the city's security. To be a tremendous social benefits and further improving the city's image.
Significantly reducing maintenance response time, improve maintenance efficiency, and ensure street lighting rate,so resulting in great economic and management efficiency.


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