Tower Crane Monitoring Application based on Four-Faith wireless modem

Date:2014-02-23 11:48:00

            Tower Crane Monitoring System is based on Sensor Technology, Embedded Technology, Dada Acquisition, Dada Processing Technology and the system combining the wireless conduct network and remote communication technology. The monitoring will be realized through the front end control device. At the same time, the working statue data and SMS information will be sent to the remote monitoring platform, and the SMS information can be sent to the related personnel.


           The control box is in the driver room,and connect to stroke limiters. The control box can collect the operation time ,weight,moment of force, temperature and wind speed, the serial port will connect to the pc.

           F2103 IP 4G modem is used as the serial port device, and set in the driver room, connect to the control box via serial port rs-485/rs-232. When F2103 ( GPRS IP 4G LTE MODEM Gateway ) receive the monitoring information, the data will be transferred to the monitoring center.

           The monitoring system will record and save the working statue of the tower crane, and provide reliable and real data information for the manager to prevent the accident.

Application Image: Four-Faith wireless device connected to the device in the tower  crane

         As long as there is GPRS network, this system is workable. The manger can monitoring the working statue of the tower crane in the office to prevent the accident.

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