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The Four-Faith AI Intelligent Industrial Control All-in-One Screen Series is Now Fully Online

In recent years, with the rapid development of emerging technologies such as IoT, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence, equipment in industries like manufacturing, energy, transportation, retail, and healthcare requires a higher degree of automated control.

Traditional computers and control devices can no longer meet the demands of today's high-performance and complex tasks. More and more mainstream industry projects rely on industrial control computers, particularly all-in-one industrial control screens, which fill market gaps through their unique design and optimization.

It is evident that industrial control computers, as key equipment for achieving industrial automation control, have shown vigorous growth and immense potential globally. They have become one of the core technologies driving the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing sector.

Four-Faith Industrial Control All-in-One Screen Series Four-Faith has been deeply engaged in the industrial control field for many years, offering a wide range of industrial control products. The company provides industry users with more reliable, efficient, and intelligent industrial control all-in-one screens, covering industrial automation and commercial applications. These products meet increasingly complex process requirements and enhance production efficiency.

To meet the needs of various industries, Four-Faith industrial control all-in-one screens come in multiple classic sizes for users to choose from. Additionally, the company offers customized services, providing a one-stop solution to meet user needs.

Highly Recommended! Four-Faith AI Intelligent All-in-One Screen

Currently, with the rapid development of artificial intelligence, more and more fields require edge computing capabilities. In industrial control applications, specialized industrial control machines are also needed to support faster local data processing and algorithm execution through edge computing, reducing the transmission delay from sensors to servers and improving system response speed.

To this end, Four-Faith has launched the new generation of industrial-grade AI intelligent all-in-one screens, the FIA400 series. These devices combine industrial-grade anti-interference capabilities, high reliability, and high security, integrating real-time data acquisition, local data storage, and edge computing capabilities.

Product Features

Efficient Operation and Maintenance Management

Combining data acquisition, 4G/5G high-speed communication, and edge intelligence computing into one unit reduces the number of devices and simplifies wiring steps, making it easier for enterprises to manage and maintain.

Industrial-Grade Design

Designed with an ARM platform for lower power consumption and strong heat dissipation.

Utilizes industrial-grade components with an IP65-rated dustproof and waterproof front screen, meeting the needs of continuous production.

Supports both Android and Linux operating systems, allowing for secondary development and application customization.

Rich Application Interfaces

Equipped with a variety of interfaces, enabling the connection and management of numerous sensors, devices, and terminals, suitable for various industry application scenarios.

Powerful Edge Computing Capability

Built-in algorithm library supports AI algorithm application scenarios, offering robust computing power and processing performance.

Visual Experience

Exceptional visual and interactive experience for more intuitive and convenient operations.

Intelligent Platform Management

Paired with the Four-Faith Cloud Platform, it enables functions such as system monitoring and log management, anomaly detection and alarm handling, and data statistics and report display, meeting the market's demand for intelligent operation and maintenance management.

Dual-Screen Display, Cost Saving

Supports dual-screen display functionality, solving the need for applications requiring simultaneous support for dual screens, reducing hardware equipment costs, and enhancing interactive experiences in consumer scenarios.

Currently, the Four-Faith Industrial Control All-in-One Screen FIA400 series products have been widely applied in industrial automation, intelligent manufacturing, production line automation, energy management, environmental monitoring, and other fields. They assist customers in swiftly and cost-effectively operating equipment, advancing digital transformation.

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