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Worldwide Premiere! The Five Key Secrets to Unlocking the Four-Faith AI Video Box to Become the Era's "Weapon of Choice"

With the development of artificial intelligence technology, AI video surveillance has gradually become the preferred choice for users. Not only can it record in real-time, but it can also analyze videos and extract information (such as license plates, faces, and motion analysis), thereby enabling video push alerts and preventive measures.

Focusing on new quality productivity, Four-Faith's new AI products are now online.

Four-Faith has broken through the bottleneck of data computing power and released a groundbreaking AI edge intelligent video box, solving the passive human defense and inefficient retrieval issues of traditional monitoring, transforming from passive to proactive, and upgrading business security supervision.

The FGV100 is an edge intelligent analysis device developed based on the latest AIoT technology, integrating data and image acquisition, high-speed wireless communication transmission, and edge intelligent computing into a new generation of intelligent IoT products.

The product offers multi-dimensional perception capabilities, supports various IoT sensing device access, and the high-performance processor and system architecture can perform multi-target detection and data image combined multi-dimensional intelligent perception decision analysis on the edge side. The series of products support secondary development and customization of software, hardware, and algorithms for different application scenarios and are widely used in various intelligent benchmark projects.

Products Feature









Equipped with an industrial-grade 4G/5G high-speed wireless communication module, it can transmit high-definition videos collected in any scenario in real-time to the monitoring backend via cellular mobile networks, perfectly solving the problem of broadband coverage in harsh environments, and enabling surveillance and deployment anytime, anywhere. It supports 5G LAN, 5G RedCap, and other typical 5G features, efficiently and seamlessly integrating with emerging technologies in the IoT industry.

Specially designed for IoT scenarios, it can connect high-definition cameras while simultaneously linking IoT sensors to collect on-site data such as temperature, humidity, rainfall, water level, flow rate, and wind speed. It also enables the linkage control of valves, gates, and switches. Moreover, the product reserves two mainstream LPWAN communication modes: NB-IoT and LoRa. Regardless of the complexity of on-site device interactions, a single device can easily control everything.

By fully integrating edge computing and AI algorithms, it breaks the limitations of traditional security monitoring systems, which are only used for post-event tracking and viewing records. Instead, it achieves intelligent algorithm recognition for various industry-specific scenarios. By combining data collected from sensors for multidimensional monitoring fusion, it eliminates the need for manual supervision, providing 24/7 high-precision on-site control. With millisecond-level accurate recognition, it ensures 360° security coverage and transmits alerts in real-time through 5G networks to remote locations, surpassing similar products in the industry.

High-performance configuration enables easy implementation of multi-target detection and edge perception computing decisions. With a built-in algorithm repository, algorithms and computing power can be freely combined and deployed, supporting the integration of third-party algorithms in software, hardware, and AI algorithm full-stack development. This multi-layered open capability meets the project requirements of users in different industries, helping customers customize products as needed and realizing practical applications of cutting-edge AIoT technology.

Paired with the Four-Faith Cloud Platform, users can choose from a variety of configurations and large-screen interfaces tailored to specific industry application scenarios. The platform offers robust middleware capabilities, supporting integration and access from third-party platforms and apps. This facilitates seamless integration of functions such as video, data, and device management, enabling customers to quickly meet the diverse application needs of the market.


Intelligent Data Center Operation and Maintenance Solution

The Four-Faith Intelligent Data Center Operation and Maintenance Solution adopts a comprehensive approach, integrating IoT data collection, image recognition, artificial intelligence, and 4G/5G technology. It achieves collection of temperature, humidity, smoke, water leakage, and other conditions inside the data center, as well as personnel recognition and alarms. Additionally, it accurately detects and alerts against intrusion by unauthorized personnel into the data center. This comprehensive solution improves the automation level of data center operation and maintenance, accurately collects data, issues timely alerts, and thus reduces losses.


AI Food Processing Factory Supervision Solution

The Four-Faith AI Food Processing Factory Supervision Solution utilizes the AI Edge Intelligent Video Box FGV100 in conjunction with various sensors and IP cameras for integration. Sensors continuously monitor environmental parameters within the food processing factory. Leveraging AI recognition technology, the system accurately identifies the attire of food processing personnel, handwashing procedures, cleanliness of containers, as well as indoor smoke and fire situations. Upon detecting non-compliance with prescribed attire or environmental parameters exceeding thresholds, the system immediately sends real-time alerts to the platform and control center. This assists food processing factory regulatory authorities in real-time supervision of production safety, ensuring compliance with regulations regarding attire and operations, thereby enhancing the safety of food processing factory production.

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