Street Light Pole Gateway

Smart Light Pole Gateway is a smart street light pole gateway for the Internet of Things. Street Light Pole Gateway provides users with wireless long-distance big data transmission, protocol conversion, edge computing, and other functions by using the 5G operator network, wired broadband, and optical fiber.
  • 5G Smart Light Pole Gateway F-G300

    ● Intelligent Gateway support 5G/4G transmission
    ● With rich industrial protocols, support multiple types of intelligent devices access
    ● Smart light pole support devices management, remote maintenance functions and third-party platform docking
    ● Smart light pole support transparent transmission, Http, MQTT, TCP/IP, OPC, MODBUS RTU transfer to TCP and other protocols

  • Smart Light Pole Gateway F-G310

    Smart light pole gateway F-G310 is an intelligent gateway specially developed for 5G smart light poles, Internet of Things, and other scenarios. It has powerful equipment access capability, communication protocol conversion, and computing processing capability.