Hydrology Monitoring Application

Hydrology Monitoring Application Hydrology Application Hydrology Monitoring Project low consumption modem

Hydrological and flood control monitoring system is consisted of river basin administrative center and sub-center (various cities) monitoring station, the hydrological telemetry units as a three-level monitoring network.
Hydrology Water Monitoring System

Hydrology Water Monitoring System Water Monitoring System

GPRS IP Modem installed in the collection station, the station responsible for collecting and monitoring the hydrological collector bi-directional data communication between the centers.
ZIGBEE hydrological monitoring

ZigBee hydrological monitoring hydrological monitoring ZigBee monitoring

A site with a data acquisition unit, radio, rain gauge, water level gauge, wind meter anemometer and other hydrological monitoring, the site can be retained data for over six months through the ZigBee wireless communication