Hydrology Monitoring Application

Date:2013-12-26 15:53:00

Hydrology Monitoring Application

           Hydrological and flood control monitoring system is consisted of river basin administrative center and sub-center (various cities) monitoring station, the hydrological telemetry units as a three-level monitoring network.

          The construction of water conservancy remote monitoring system based on wireless communication will improve the hydrological information collection, transmission and processing methods, shorten the time needed for data collection and forecast operations, improve the timeliness of information collection and transmission, improve the ability of river basin flood control and information processing. Four-Faith’s low consumption 4G modem F2X14 will be installed in every station, and responsible for the double-way communication of the collector and monitoring center.

Why clients choose Four-Faith?

1. Multiple center transmission

Support multiple center transmission at the same time.

2. Low consumption

Low consumption design, has advantage in solar and wind energy supply.

3. High sensitivity of signal receive

High sensitivity in receiving signal, even in the mountain regions where the signal is weak, it can gain the strongest signal to ensure the stable transmission.

4. Lightning and moistureproof

Four-Faith’s  low-power wireless communication terminal F2X14, has made the corresponding optimization in lightning and moistureproof protection , effectively avoid fatal damage to equipment by lightning weather.

5. Easy wiring

Terminal connection mode is used , providing  5 I/O, which is 3 digital input and 2 analog input convenient  for accessing to all kinds of sensor devices.

Successful case

Sichuan Hydrology Monitoring Project              Guizhou Hydrology Monitoring Project

Gansu Hydrology Monitoring Project                Yunan Hydrology Monitoring Project

Customer's feedback

Sichuan client: Since 2010.Four-Faith’s DTU has been used in Sichuan Hydrology Application, after testing for several times, it works quite stable, and now it is used in bulk after the government’s approval.

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