Oil field and oil well remote monitoring application( based on ZigBee)

Oil Application​ ZigBee module Application ZigBee gateway oil wireless networking oil monitoring project

this system will set up the communication between the sensors and Four-Faith ZigBee module. The RTU will collect data and then the data will be transferred to the monitoring center by ZigBee gateway F8X14.
Four-Faith F8914 ZigBee for LED Display Control System

LED display control system ZigBee for LED ZigBee for LED application

All LED boards are with RS485 port, and the distance between two LED boards is about 100meters. All LED boards are connect to F8914 terminals (general node) via RS485.
Four-Faith Zigbee module is successfully applied in Suzhou bicycle rental system

bicycle rental system Zigbee module

Four-Faith Zigbee module F8913-E is installed on the bicycle, as the communication points, the bicycle will automatically connect to the Zigbee center node when near the rental points with a certain range to rent car
ZigBee based wireless monitoring technology

wireless monitoring technology ZigBee wireless data ZigBee transmitter module

ZigBee wireless data collection and transmission system acquires stable, reliable , convenient and practical. Low installation cost , easy maintenance, no excellent upgrade , do not need to rent a public network , and without the huge operating costs. This is the modern remote data acquisition system optimal solution.
Photovoltaic Array Monitoring Solution Based on ZigBee

Photovoltaic Array Monitoring Solution Photovoltaic Array Solution ZigBee wireless data transmission

ZigBee wireless data transmission is stable, reliable and convenient. Low installation cost, easy maintaining, no need to upgrade, no need to rent the public internet, also do not need  huge operation cost.