Oil field and oil well remote monitoring application( based on ZigBee)

Date:2014-04-22 14:54:00

           Four-Faith has been in cooperation with the meter supplier, and successfully embed the ZigBee module into all kinds of instruments, And developed wireless RTU with ZigBee, wireless thermometer with ZigBee and wireless pressure conductor.

           In actual application, this system will set up the communication between the sensors and Four-Faith ZigBee module. The RTU will collect data and then the data will be transferred to the monitoring center by ZigBee gateway F8X14.

Why clients choose Four-Faith?

1.Strong adaptability to environment

Adapt industrial grade design, can stand high and low temperature with high stability suitable for oil application

2.Long transmission distance

The transmission distance can be 500-2000 metres,suitable for oil wireless networking application

3.Free communication cost

ZigBee communication is free of charge, it saves large cost.

4.Simple configuration

High degree of integration, mature technology, convenient installation and system deployment is simple, easy to extend and add a new node, all module can perform ad-hoc network.

5.Low power consumption

High and low level trigger dormancy, activation; support coordinator, routing, terminal mode, deep dormancy power consumption is less than 0.4 uA


Customization can be according to customer’s request, more suitable for actual application.

Successful cases

Shengli Oil Application                    Tuha Oil Application                   Kelamayi Oil Application                        Qinghai Oil Application

Customer's feedback

Shanxi Client: Four-Faith wireless ZigBee module is suitable for our oil monitoring project which has high request for the security and has lots of data nodes. For the last two years, Four-Faith’s products have been continuously optimized. Hope Four-Faith will have more excellent products for oil industry.

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